Old Hats

I’ve had the opportunity to spend some time rummaging through my grandparent’s old treasures.  These are my paternal grandparents, and while they have been gone for many years, simply being in their home creates a deeper sense of connection to them.

Back to the treasures… I have been able to scour through old boxes, which is perhaps one of my favorite rainy day activities.  Both of my grandparents were great collectors of hats- and these were not hats that they simply exhibited, but pieces that were part of their daily attire.  Over the years many have made the cross Atlantic trip to my room in my parent’s home, but I have had the pleasure of making additional discoveries on this visit.

Here you can see three of my favorite discoveries from this trip.  I have worn all three of the hats throughout the trip.  Admittedly I have gotten some awkward stares when donning the top hat, I just assume people are wildly jealous of what a style maven I am! 😉

Now this is where you come in.  Typically Monday’s are the post that inspires Friday’s NoH Does (if you haven’t caught onto that yet… well, maybe you should read more carefully!), this week is no exception.  However, instead of just inviting fashion bloggers to partake I am inviting anyone interested.

Here is the info:

  • -Take a photo of hat that holds meaning to you (you can wear it or not!).  It does not have to be vintage—just sentimental!
  • -Email it along with a couple of sentences describing the hat’s significance.  This is due Friday (June 17th)!! (email: alexis@northonharper.com)
  • -Check out Saturday’s post to share in everyone’s story….


Looking forward to everyone’s submissions!!!





  1. I used to have a marvelous collection of vintage hats when I was a teenager. I wish that I still had them!

  2. these hats are absolutely gorgeous – i have hat envy!! i especially love the feathered one, but i imagine the top hat is mad fierce on!!

  3. I love sifting through my grandparent’s collections, it is true there is a “deeper sense of connection,” now if only I could grab those dresses from my grandmother…. vintage-lovely hats, I adore! :)

  4. Love these hats Alexis! You had me at the top hat–which by the way does make you a style maven–they’re all gorgeous and I would love to see the rest of your collection! I pretty much wear my favorite straw hat wrapped with a cotton vintage gucci scarf from the 80s every summer at the beach or in the garden–it really is better than any other hat I’ve been able to find.

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I love hats, but according to my friends I am not a “hat person”, but I don’t listen to them.

    Both of my boys are in love with Fedora’s right now and they look so handsome wearing them.

  6. I think I can rummage up a hat like that! I wish my grandparents were closer so I could try and unearth some great finds in their attic!! Greta post, i love finding lost treasures.

  7. There’s a collection of hats at my grandparents house too… they were my mom’s hat when she was going to church when she was little! Problem is; I use to want them so much but I wasn’t allowed to touch them… I wonder if I could, now that I’m old hehe

  8. Very cool finds and very cool idea! I can’t wait to see the results! I wish I had one to enter!

  9. These 3 hats are so cool! I love the first one especially! I wish I could submit for this, but I live in a french family’s house, so rummaging through their attic might be a little strange and inappropriate, haha.

    –Megan//The Martian Tide

  10. Love this post! But now I have to put my metaphorical thinking cap on. . . .and see if I can’t find something to send you by Friday. . . .

  11. SO cool! It kills me that my fam got rid of my Nana’s vintage hat collection!

  12. ooo that feather hat is so cool! Love going through things at my grandparents house! They always have really cool classic pieces!

  13. I’m not sure if I have a hat that belongs to me that has any significance. But in storage I do have several of my sons newborn hats that mean a lot. I wrote a post about this very thing a few months back.


  14. I LOVE Hats/Caps/Beanies and Berets – all kinds of ‘headwear’. I think that’s where one of the eccentricity part in myself is obvious….. My hubby also has hats that he loves but then again he is 60 odd (a spring chicken). I’m looking forward to Friday 17th post :)

  15. What great hats. I am especially fond of articles of clothing that come with sweet memories. Nothing like a bit of nostalgia to improve the fit of the garment. Lovely post, Alexis!

  16. My older boy is into fedoras right now too, my next oldest likes beanies (sigh – I don’t) and I’m not even certain those qualify as hats
    Alexis – you should post photos of yourself wearing the hats!
    I’m not a hat person myself, unless visors count. I like to keep the sun outta my eyes and let my hair hang free 😉
    Great collection though – makes me wonder what I could find….

  17. My grandparents are still on the young side. They are now hitting 65. I don’t have many of their things because they didn’t live in this country. Sounds like a great idea though. I love all of the hats you have! Very cool.

  18. LOVE IT!! This is one I could totally do! Yeah NoHDoes!


  19. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I love hats… these are amazing! Sending you photos of me and my famous fedora shortly! :)

  20. What a nice feature! I definitely have a photo for you! Emailing now!

    Live Life in Style


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