Partying with Puma

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Puma Fall 2011 Collection Preview.  And I have a confession:  When I originally planned today’s post I thought it would fit directly into my workout themed week here on NoH.  After all, Puma is workout gear?  Right.  But also wrong.  Apparently they have everything.  And that isn’t an exaggeration.  Okay, maybe it is.  But barely.

Back to the event.  Honestly, my words can’t do all my discovries justice, so instead of loads of talking I think I will share photos & caption them.  It will be like a picture book of my night…

Let me start by saying the event was a blast!  Lukus and Noah (my dear friend and Puma contact) enjoyed the food, which included Patron popsicles.  Yep.

Like I said.  They have great workout gear.  Especially these shoes (I loved these shoes!)  They are the Faas 500 running shoe and they are crazy lightweight.  Runing Network named them the best new shoe and they come in a plethora of colors.  Lukus and I were lucky enough to each be gifted a pair of the Faas 500.  I went with turquoise and he went with red!

These are some of the awesome items for Puma’s Project Pink.  I love that this project helps to raise money and awareness for breast cancer charities.

Remember how I said that Puma wasn’t limited to workout gear?  Yeah.  These bad boys are part of the Alexander McQueen for Puma Fall 2011 Collection.  These are from the men’s line, but there are women’s shoes as well.  Honestly, my photo doesn’t do the justice.  And they are so new, they aren’t even on the website yet!

Okay, these are both men’s shoes from Sports-fashion collections and, well, they are pretty cool.  If you can’t tell I am especially fond of the second pair!  It is by Puma’s creative director Hussein Chalayan and he is behind their Urban Mobility line.  Fun fact:  He also worked with Lady Gaga to design her “egg” vessel.

Another Puma collaboration is with Ducati motorcycles.  The collection includes clothing and shoes, perfect for riders!

They also have great street clothing!  Plus they have a watch line (the one on the bottom right is my favorite!)!  All these surprises!  Who knew?!?!?

Hope you guys enjoyed the look at the latest fashion/gear from Puma!  If you liked it as much as I did I suggest you make sure to stop by North On Harper on Friday!!!







  1. Looks like a blast!

  2. I LOVE the blue and green running shoes! And the pink soccer ball (or is that a volleyball?) is fabulous. Yup, I feel inspired!

  3. I love Puma! These shoes are so hot!

  4. Wow, that’s a really awesome collection! Love it! Their shoes are soooo great!

  5. Love the bright colors. And I really like the Alexander McQueen’s!

  6. Puma is awesome, I still have my old first puma track jacket, it’s just a really cool design. I love their store layout as well. They’ve evolved so much over the years. :)

  7. This looks awesome! My fiance would DIE over those high tops! Those are hot hot hot!!! You look so cute!! Great post, hon!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! I am so happy to have discovered yours now! It is fantastic!

    I am following you now on Bloglovin, FB and Twitter!!! Everywhere of course! :)

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  8. I read Patron popsicles and was done for. I’m beginning to look like a lush aren’t I? Oops. The blue tennis shoes in the second picture are adorable. Now if only I had the funds to buy cute new shoes. Drat.

  9. What fun! I’m diggin’ that lavender watch!

  10. The Alexander McQueen high tops are probably my favorite out of the whole bunch =) Sounds like you had fun!

  11. Wow! What didn’t I love? You defintely picked a great color with the turquoise Faas 500! but I think my fave was the shoe boot, so cool. I’m getting a pair. And the lavender watch, and the clothes, and the breast cancer gear. . .let me stop. . .I’m getting dizzy.

    And don’t think I didn’t hear you say Patron popsicle, I’m storing that away for a drunken day.

  12. WHO KNEW, that Puma had all this stuff!! I LOVE, LOVE the bright color shoes!!! I want a pair ASAP. And the McQueen for Puma…amazing. Looks like you had a great night! Great pictures


  13. I love PUMA stuff!!! I usually wear Puma’s to look cute but not as workout shoes. Great stuff and it looked fun!

  14. How interesting! They truly do have everything. The shoe you’re holding is really fun & I like the watch on the upper right. Who knew? You did! Thanks for showing us their versatile new collections!

  15. I love the purple watch on the bottom left… gorgeous! And Patron Popsicles!? Let’s make those 😉

  16. To be honest – not for me! But, my hubby would love all the bright colours!!! My sons, would put a wishlist up for me to see :)

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