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So, all this week we’ve been talking about getting in shape.  From general workout clothing, to how to train & exercise ideas, to a peek at some of the upcoming sports fashion, it’s been with the idea of inspiring you guys (and myself) to get into beachwear shape.  So now that we’ve done the work (and have looked good doing so!) its time to throw on your swimsuit and get to the beach.  Oh, you don’t have a swimsuit?!  Well, you are in luck!  Because I have assembled some of my favorite trends, just for you!


La Blanca “One Piece Lingerie Tank” ($119), Swim Systems “Luna” ($76/$68)

Retro Inspired

Both of these suits embrace the retro trend while maintaining a contemporary style.  In the case of the one piece the sweetheart neckline and ruching do wonders to create a retro, feminine look.  Meanwhile, the two-piece also has the retro sweetheart neckline and is paired with a youthful and fun pattern.

Lucky Brand “Island Gypsy” ($54/$58), Lover “Lace Knit One Piece” ($297)

Crochet Details

The peek-a-boo nature of these suits is of course sexy, but really it is the bohemiam nature that I am especially fond of.  Plus the neutral palate has a level of sophistication.  I love that this trend works for both the two-piece and the one-piece.

Michael Kors “Sheer Cover Up” ($92), Eberjey “Hannah Crochet Chic Poncho” ($123)

Sheer Cover ups

If you are like me you aren’t going to the beach without a cover up. I mean what if you have to run to the boardwalk for some sort of treat?  And its not like I am going to drive to the beach in my bathing suit…  Okay, back to the cover up.  I love a sheer cover up.  They conceal a little (so you don’t feel like your running around naked!), but don’t take away from the beach feeling.


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  1. The retro looks are great. Makes me want a new one piece!

  2. I love the one-piece turquoise lingerie tank! I am on a mission to lose 10 pounds by August 1st. That will still give me plenty of time to still look good in a swimsuit:)

  3. My faves are the La Blanca suits. Me gusta mucho.
    Pero, sometimes you go through so much effort to find a suit that makes you look so fly, that it is a shame to cover it up. I’m only kidding, I only said that because I’m still wearing my cover-up from 2 years ago. And since I’ve been at the pool or beach everyday for the last 21 days, one would think I would put that on my list of top priorities. Alrighty then Alexis, hint taken :)

  4. I love summer because of barely-there bikinis! Great choices. Especially, the retro designs.

  5. Very cute styles this year.

  6. I’ve always loved retro bathing suits but would probably most likely wear the Island Gypsy bikini because it’s so cute {and on trend with the ethnic details}…if only my summer flu would end so I could work out before it’s too late! Love those cover ups too!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. I love the sheer cover up! looks sexy!

    My Fashion Bug

  8. Very cute choices! And I LOVE the cover ups. Comfy AND cute! That’s so my style.

  9. I love the first bikini on the right and the brown sheer cover. But, realistically, I need to see some suits for–ahem–women of a certain age (and a certain size)!

  10. My favourites are the turquoise one and the Island Gypsy. And I would also like a cover up of course, a sheer one would be just perfect. :) Ada

  11. Love the first LaBlanca and the Lace Knit One Piece. And both coverups are great!

  12. That crochet coverup is swoonworthy!

  13. I LOVE the first one! I love everything about it, the color, and the model… and it also looks so comfy!

  14. I love the first one! Of course… I’d have to wear it with a coverup! : )

  15. i love that lace cover up. i bought some similar lace recently from the fabric district. this is a good idea to use that fabric up.

  16. I love the turquoise one piece and those sheer cover ups.

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