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Yay!  Father’s Day is Sunday!  I wrote about my love for my mom on Mother’s Day, but I have equal love for my dad.  He is this tough German character who is a big love once you crack his tough exterior.  My husband always jokes that one day he will get my dad to cry sentimental tears.  Of course there are exceptions to his lack of sensitivity, but these moments are usually reserved for the national German soccer team (last time I saw him cry—when Germany beat Argentina during the World Cup).


On my wedding day--- Look at how happy he is to be getting rid of me! ;)

In celebration of Father’s Day, I thought it time I do another men’s fashion post.  After all, style is not gender specific.

So, here are a few summer essentials for every man’s wardrobe:

Kenneth Cole Linen Sweater.

The Summer Sweater. I know, the last thing anyone wants to think about when it is summer is the need of a sweater.  But, there are those cooler days and of course the evenings.  I like this option because A) It has a sort of nautical feel to it (very summer) and B) it is linen a quintessential summer fabric.  In fact, I like it so much that I bought it for my husband!



SPURR cotton suit.

The Summer Suit. Whether cotton or linen it is time to purchase a suit that breathes better than wool.  After all you want to be comfortable when looking this chic.  I am particularly fond of this light grey option, but for a more casual look the modern khaki suit can be a fun wardrobe addition.


Zara button down shirt.

Color. Really it is that simple.  Just as ladies are mixing in bright eye-catching dresses, so should the men.  A bold button down is a great way to go and pairs with anything.  Like the suit it is key to purchase breathable materials (cause be honest- how nasty is a pit stain?!).  Color is fresh and exciting, something any summer wardrobe should exude.


John Varvatos boat shoe.

The Summer Shoe. I love a good boat shoe (can you tell I have a passion for all things nautical?!).  But I don’t think even our dad’s need to be wearing the versions of yesteryear.  Instead, the more relaxed version is perfect for a casual summer day (or night!).  Plus man cannot live solely  in flip flops and sneakers.


A Happy (early) Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!!!  What are some of your favorite men’s summer fashion elements?

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  1. Alexis, this is perfect!!!!! I definitely need help in the men fashion department. My husband is always handsome, but. . . .I think his choices in fashion can sometimes be dated. I try to help, but that’s not really my area of expertise. So I’m loving this post. I’m always looking for new looks for him, that are casual, but can be something he could wear to work also. He never really dresses down, but never totally dressed up either (unless at church). The loafers are great! I’ve been trying to convince him to try and nice sandal, but maybe he would agree to this :)

  2. your dad is adorable! happy early father’s day!

  3. So adorable your description {and photo} of your dad! I like all your men’s picks and was just having a conversation this weekend with one of my guy friends about how few options there are for cool stuff for guys–though you definitely nailed the few in existence.

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Beautiful photo of you and your dad! I like the shoes especially – look comfy :-) And the summer suit is great looking.

  5. I love the shoes!!! But my fiance would never wear them… he is the opposite of fashion… T-shirt + jeans everyday with skate shoes! ( and yes, he’s 31…)

    Sometimes, I wish he was wearing great clothes like the ones in your post!!!

  6. Happymother says:

    What a beautiful photo of you and your dad!!! Love the style!!

  7. I love that picture of you and your dad. So sweet! Amen to your suggestion for color. I feel like so many men stick to neutral colors; ugh, boring!

  8. What a lovely write up on your dad! I love all the things you’ve chosen for guys!

  9. The photo of you and your dad is just too cute! And thanks for some father’s day inspiration!

  10. My man would had lived perpetually in boots if I hadn’t intervened! Still working on him, those shoes are cute, but would have trouble getting him to try them. One day…

  11. YAY for Father’s!!! I love the summer sweater and the shoes!

  12. Loving the boating shoes I don’t want them for my husband, I want them for ME.


  13. love that sweater. your dad is adorable!!

  14. What a sweet picture of you and your dad….very cute.

    My hubs is very easy going casual guy and feels most comfortable in jeans and shirt. Would love to see something different on him.

  15. That picture of you and your dad is so lovely! I love this post, I’ve worked in menswear retail for several years and I like approaching this subject on my blog from time to time. Men have a more effortless style by definition and we could learn a few things just by watching the way they dress. :) The suit is very nice and the striped sweater as well: definitely summer essentials. :)Ada

  16. I love the photo of you two on your wedding day! My father gets really into his football games as well, we always talk about the World cup when it’s on… I love my papa too! Great summer suit. -xxoo

  17. THE-LOUDMOUTH says:

    I love the last two pieces! Will need to pick up some new things for Zach. 😉

    You and your dad are super cute!

  18. Yay for Fathers!!! Aww, that’s cute about your Dad crying about the Soccer game. He must be very patriotic for his country! Great picture of you and your Dad. I love your picks for men!

    Live Life in Style

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