Aptly Adorned

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Sometimes an outfit works.  Sometimes you put on an outfit and get out the door only to ask yourself “what was I thinking?!”  We’ve all been there (don’t lie- you know you have). It can become a complete distraction, play on our insecurities and ruin a perfectly wonderful time.  The uncertainty can even take hold before we leave our home- we spend forever getting ready, not able to figure out what to put on!  Or you may love an outfit when you leave- only to get home check out the photos your friend shared on Facebook and shriek in horror as you quickly un-tag yourself, all the while swearing to never wear that outfit again.  I hate these moments.  And as much as you (and I!) love fashion, it should not get in the way of living life.  Seriously, fashion is NOT that serious.

Lukus catches me getting ready for a night out while on vacation... (Yes, I am sitting in the sink.)

So, I now have 4 questions I ask myself when choosing a look.  Hopefully you will find them as helpful as I do:

1)   Is it comfortable?  Now don’t get me wrong- there are absolutely times where I choose fashion over comfort (certain people may remember me wearing 5 inch platform heels with a broken toe).  However, I made sure it was on an evening where I would be sitting around for drinks, not on an evening where I planned to dance until dawn.  I follow the rule that if my outfit will cause enough discomfort to detract from my good time then it isn’t worth wearing.

2)   Do you feel good in it?  This is the idea of wearing something for yourself, not something you think you are “supposed” to wear.  So often we see trends that we think we’ve got to adopt.  Guess what?  You don’t.  Wear things that are true to yourself- yes, sometimes this will encompass some trends, but not all of them.  After all, you are never going to please everyone, or check every box.  Just make sure the look is true to you!

3)   Does it fit?  We all have those pieces.  They worked a few years ago, but now they are too small/big/the wrong shape, whatever.  Sometimes you just have to let those items go.  Sure if they are extra special you can keep them for sentimental value.  Or if they are salvageable you can take them to a tailor.  But please, if they don’t fit you don’t wear them.

 4)   Is it appropriate?  I am not saying you’ve got to dress like everyone else.  That would be horribly boring.  I am saying you have to choose your outfit based on the event.  You don’t wear cutoffs in a traditional office environment.  You don’t wear a formal gown to a casual picnic.  Okay, these examples are obvious.  The principle remains for less obvious ones as well.  Ask yourself, what is the event?  What am I going to be doing at it?  What sort of thing will others be wearing?  These questions will help you narrow down your options.

Now go get dressed!  And go, live life!


  1. So very true! I’m all about the comfortable and always spend a little more to have my designs made out of stretch silk charmeuse because you can actually sit and eat in it–haven’t you been to events where women couldn’t sit down because their dress was so uncomfortable? It’s not the 17th century–that is so crazy!

    xo Mary Jo

    p.s. Hope you saw that you won the Ouidad giveaway. I emailed you :)

  2. Excellent tips. I suppose I get caught up in tip 1 and never make it through the rest! I value comfort over style, too often, I’m afraid. Love the photo of you in the sink!

  3. Excellent guidelines…Fit is king!

  4. There is a saying that goes (Mutton… dressed up as lamb!) This is a pet-hate of mine – not the saying, the action! I wish more people would adhere to your four pricipals above….. Love this post!

  5. Funny pic :) And, I just hate when I think I like an outfit only to later see a pic of me wearing it and then wanting to shred it. So depressing!

  6. Great tips!!! Every one should live by these. Even when I feel my most confident, I still shy away from the camera. I completely agree with the appropriateness of an outfit. I hate to see jeans or flip flops in an office. Gasp! What were they thinking?! LOL

  7. This, is defintely my motto! I won’t wear it unless I’m comfortable. Comfy sheik, I call it. No I don’t really. I just wish I did.

    Anyway, the only time I break that rule is when I really must look better than somebody else I’m dreading seeing. Then I will wear just about anything that makes me an couple inches taller, and my waist a couple inches smaller, and my hoo-hoos just a tad bit jollier.

  8. I completely agree!

  9. Happymother says:

    Love this picture of you! You are absolutely right with your opinion! Over the years I have changed my style. I love fashion but in every country I change my style!

  10. So true. (And I’ve sat in the sink like that many times! Don’t think anyone ever caught me long enough to snap a photo though :-)

  11. Rules to live by!

  12. That’s sooo true!!! Great post! I love your picture!!!

  13. I love this! Every single word is true. Advice that I should definitely follow more often. I always sacrifice comfort for style and at times regret doing so…especially when it comes to shoes. 😉

  14. Lol, sorry I can’t get dressed and live life right now. I am sitting at the campground and sneaking some blogging time while my kiddos are fishing.

    Regardless of my present situation….love the tips especially being the person who ends up asking herself “what was I thinking” most of the time.

  15. GREAT POST! You had me hooked from the first paragraph. I’ve definitely had those moments where I felt completely horrible in my outfit that it ruined my whole day. Love the picture of you sitting on the counter, feet in sink. I used to sit on my kitchen counters can’t sit on the ones in my newer apt, the cupboards stick out to far =( I sit on my washer or kitchen table instead lol

  16. This has happened more to me than I like to admit!! Especially because something looks great in my mirror at home, but via pictures it’s a hot mess! lolol

    Live Life in Style

  17. Hahhahahaha, I love this pic of you! I ALWAYS sit in my sink when I do my make up in hair. In fact, I have the most hilarious set of pics of my best girlfriend and I backstage at Leno when her bf performed with his band, The Whigs, and we literally sat in the sink the whole time playing with make up- too funny- Love this post, babe! You’re so adorable!

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  18. Cute picture of you! I hate those times I leave the house in something I hate or feel uncomfortable in. It makes for an awful day.

  19. What a great advice. Thank you. So true.

  20. hahaha, love the in the sink picture! The dress looks like a perfect summer flirt 😉

  21. HAAA! I need to show this to Hubby. I sit in the sink too!

  22. Great post. I often picture myself talking to many different people. I picture speaking to my grandma in the outfit. Then I picture talking to a really hot guy. I go through all the scenarios to see if it’s appropriate for each!

    PS I always used to sit in the sink when I was growing up, especially when getting ready for school. My mother HATED it!! Also, I love seeing you on here, you don’t put up nearly enough pics of yourself, you pretty thing!


  23. Happyaunt says:

    And when in doubt, dress “up” rather than down.

    Love the picture!!!

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