Bohemian Beach Escape

This probably comes as no surprise, but it may be time for a getaway.  In fact, I may go so far as to say, I need a getaway.  Okay, maybe it isn’t life or death… but my brain, my brain would LOVE a getaway!

So I am stealing a page from Kristy (the talent behind Full Time Fabulous & Vogue Gone Rogue) and am imagining myself in some beautiful resort.  Kristy and I hang out, take in the sun and maybe enjoy a few tropical drinks…  I mean it could happen!  Right????

I went ahead and created an updated bohemian look that would be perfect.  You know, just in case….

Where To Shop:

  • Insight “Triangle Bikini” ($89.64),
  • Vanessa Mooney “Alexandria Drape Necklace” ($165),
  • JadeTribe “Nicole Tote” ($127),
  • Ella Moss “Navajo-Print Silk Dress” ($198), (Confession- I actually already own this dress, but in the capri color!)
  • Stella McCartney “SM4020” ($225), (Had to give some SunglassHut for Kristy!)
  • NightCap “Jungle Lace Caftan” ($319),
  • Theodora & Callum “Biarritz Wedge Sandals” ($395),
Where would you go on your perfect summer getaway?



  1. I sort of feel like I am on summer getaway {from paradise} and it’s so fun!!! Paradise gets boring, although the line at Target is much better and people are much more polite in the suburbs. But seriously, I could spend a week or so at a spa and really enjoy the down time!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I am with you girl – my brain and body need a vacation! I’m yearning for some sand between my toes and a drink in hand (although those sunnies, wedges and necklace would be a nice addition)…

  3. Those T&C wedges are divine. I am so obsessed with their stuff!

  4. I would wear every single thing you have showcased! I would love to go on an island getaway! Oh yes please …. anywhere!

  5. Yes…..please…..What I’ve been through last few days I NEED a little getaway by myself or with hubs….NO KIDS!

    I love the Bohemian look…..always did.I remember sneaking into my mom’s closet and borrowing her clothes in the 80’s.

  6. LOVE! and yes, this can totally happen. =P

    that lace caftan is so stunning btw. ugh, want want want.

  7. I love the bohemian look for summer time!

  8. This sounds like a fun time!! I have a vacation coming up in November, but it definitely will not be beach friendly!! I love that bag, it’s amazing.

  9. boho is my go to look right now. can’t get enough of it.

  10. I definitely need a getaway! I love those picks! I especially love the white cover-up!

  11. I think the boho look is my fave. This post, I can so relate to.

  12. Just in case… hmm… 😉

  13. It *could* happen! I would love a getaway right now….

  14. I need that jungle lace caftan in my closet ASAPShasie of Live Life in Style

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