Chic Chevron

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Oh, the iconic chevron stripe.  And no, I do not say that because of the gas stations.  Come on now!  No the chevron stripe is one of those patterns that have been around forever, but continue to be popular.   And when I say has been around forever- I mean it.  I remember learning in art history class about pottery that was excavated from Crete from around 1500 BC.  Like I said— it is old.  Today it is found in a variety of forms and appears both in fashion and home décor.  I love how it has a chameleon like ability to go from fun to sophisticated to a little bit crazy (hmmm… that kind of sounds like me…), all depending on how the stripes are used and in what color combination.

Check out just a few examples of this versatile pattern:

Where To Shop:

  • Cara Accessories “Wide Chevron Bracelet” (Sale $57.90),
  • Miss Sixty “Cocoon Dress With Chevron Stripes” ($146.53),
  • Anthropologie “Abstract Idea Pillow” ($118),
  • West Elm “Organic Chevron Duvet & Shams” ($24-109),
  • Lauren Merkin “Juliette Chevron Satchel” ($247.50),


  1. I had no idea Chevrons were so old. I think I’ve just gained a new appreciation of them! 😀

  2. Wow, that’s interesting. I would have never really considered those patterns the chevron, but I guess it is. I love it when you show me to look at things in a new way.

  3. I love the stripes. Exotic, flirty, sexy, and sophisticated. I also think its a design that you can pull out any time. Winter or summer.

  4. and here I thought it was old as in 50 years old – that is crazy, no wonder it’s such a classic print! That Chevron satchel is so perfect!

  5. I think the handbag in your post has ‘my name on it!!!’ In fact … look carefully, yes it has!

  6. J’adore chevron…Those bangles are killer!

  7. I did not know they were so old either. I love the bracelets!

  8. That’s a great pattern! A classic!

  9. I always love chevron stripe, but never knew it was chevron….learned something again…

  10. Love the dress. I don’t think I knew they were called chevron stripes either. {Love learning new things and showing it off to my kids }

  11. Ha, I instantly thought of the gas stations too! Such a pretty pattern, though.

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