Cut It Out

Yesterday I posted about wearing leather (either real or fake) in the summer.  A few readers got a little heated (every pun takes me one step closer to becoming my mother).  I was accused by some as being nuts for making the suggestion (clearly they failed to read the disclaimer).  Okay, maybe they didn’t call me nuts— but I felt the disapproval through their comments.

But take a moment and ask yourself, is this a better answer?

Image by YOSHIKAZU TSUNO/AFP/Getty Images from the Time News Feed Article "Air-Conditioned Clothing: The Hottest Trend in Energy-Restricted Japan" by Nick Carbone.

No.  No it is not.  Please, please, please say it is not.

Instead— I suggest more flattering options that provide for a somewhat cooler experience (and yes, cooler is a double entendre).  Something more like this:

Carey Mulligan in Roksanda Ilincic. Photo: John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment.


Ahh, I’ve piqued your interest!  Well here are a few more examples of the cut-out trend:

Where To Shop:

So go ahead, play outside and enjoy the ventilation!



  1. Not huge on the cut out trend but love love Roksanda Ilincic and her execution is perfection!

    xo Mary Jo

  2. omg cut it out with this female crushes of mine! i think if carey m approves of the cut out, so do i 😉 … but I better start upping my crunch reps to fine tune my abs first…

  3. Carey looks darling! Wish I could pull that off!

  4. The cut out has been around or was around a long…… time now!/ago :) Not crazy about it myself at this stage of my life, but must admit… I was when I was younger with the figure to go with it (big smile).

  5. I love the way Roksanda Ilincic (my countrywoman! Go Serbia!) interprets trends like this. That dress looks great on Carey.

    And you are right, I much prefer cutouts to air-conditioned clothing!

  6. Bahahahaaha. You KNOW I am all about the leather from my recent post on it too. I’d wear it head to toe in 100 degrees if it was McQueen! Who ever said fashion was always going to be comfortable? C’mon ladies. I also find it hysterical when people can’t read through the lines with your wit and humor, Alexis. I personally loved your post and I love the cut outs too. That Dolce Vita Dress is to die for and I want to wear it with the wedges from your previous post.

    Two thumbs up on both posts- way to think outside the box and post original content. I am sick of wearing the usual summer uniform… jean shorts and tanks… dull…. boriiiiing. 😉 good round up, love.

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana (your fellow risk taker)

    PS- can we please go have lunch at Bouchon in Beverly Hills wearing the Air Conditioned Clothing? Cool. (pun INTENDED)

  7. I love Carey’s hair! Wish I could get away with that look. Not much on her outfit but really enjoy the last picture, though I couldn’t pull it off.

  8. I am loving the Cleo top, but those A/C jackets are styling…..just kiddin’, but I do know two boys who would love to get their hands on those….

  9. I love the cut-out shoulders. Sexy!

  10. Ah! The delightful Miss Mulligan! She’s always such a mix of classic with an edge! Love it!

    <3 Heidi

  11. I want the A/C jacket in neon pink please:) Just kidding! I love the cut out shoulder shirt. I think I am to old and to much of a mom to pull off the cut-out skirt or dress. I love you new banner!

  12. I’m not into the cut-out trend, but I say a big YES, PLEASE to that gorgeous Roksanda Ilincic outfit. Absolutely love it! :)

  13. I love the cutouts! That dress by Roksand Illinic is to die for. I WANT!

  14. Haha, I definitely didn’t take offense,but I know some people have been able to wear leather because even though it’s summer it’s not as “hot” hahaha the fan in the suit is ridic!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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