Individualizing Trends

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Sometimes you find a trend you love and you don’t know how to wear it.  Or sometimes, you see one example of how to wear it, but don’t know how to make it your own.  Sometimes you love about a million trends.  Sometimes it is just overwhelming.

That is part of why I do the NoH Does posts on Saturdays.  This series gives people an opportunity to share how they interpret a trend, while providing inspiration for the rest of us.

But typically that is just a single trend.  It can be much more challenging to incorporate several trends together.  You can so easily start to look over the top (and NOT in a good way) or inauthentic (like your trying too hard).  And it can be extra challenging to make the look your own.  After all- you are an individual!

That doesn’t mean wearing several trends isn’t possible!  And to prove it, I grabbed a couple street style images from the Fall 2011 Couture shows this past week.  Here some stylish ladies pull off the multiple trends flawlessly.

 (left to right: Image via Elle by Melanie Galea, Image via Vogue Australia by Candice Lake)


Both looks contain bold color combos, chain crossbody bags and flowy blouses, some of the season’s most popular elements.  But each lady makes the look her own.  Whether a bold skirt paired with a deep blue top or a more subdued blouse accented by bright yellow pants and an eye-catching bag- these looks work.

I think the key in these looks is keeping the jewelry to a minimum and focusing on solids instead of prints.  However, that doesn’t mean that the looks are boring.  Both have details that up the ante (open back/detailed waistband).  And it is these details that make the looks personal and special, while still embracing some of the most popular trends.

What are your feelings about wearing multiple trends?  How do you make them personal?



  1. It’s not really my style, then again I haven’t had a style since I had my kid. I basically live in my pajamas unless I go to the mall then I just throw on a pair of jeans and I’m good to go xD

  2. I really like that first look (although I think I’d be more inclined to wear a bold top with a neutral bottom)! I think it’s just important to figure out how the trend will work for YOU, and wear it in a way you re confident with, no matter how others wear it!

  3. Yup, that seems to be my challenge. I see styles I like but I don’t have a clue how to find them, wear them, or make them my own. I’ve often thought I’d like to change my style altogether, but I never get around to doing it.

  4. I wear what I like – no matter what anyone else thinks! Yes, I am a fashion rogue!! :-)

  5. I do wear multiple trends on an occasion, but it is about what makes me feel good and is comfortable at the same time.

    Also I am not big on jewelry. I like it basic and simple.

  6. I am a ‘strange one’! Eccentric, sometimes. Classical other times…. With me, it depends on my ‘mood’. A favourite at home: barefoot and the suit that God gave me…. doesn’t cost anything and my home and surroundings are pretty private so I can’t shock anyone (Big smile ….. maybe my husband) x

  7. Those looks aren’t boring at all! I really like the first one!

  8. What the Effff are the those yellow pants on the left? I literally just gasped out loud. holy….. i need those now… to start breathing normally again.

    great post, love.

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

    ps: as far as personalizing… I usually edge everything off with a leather piece weather that’s a jacket, shorts or pants.. I usually mix leather with more feminine materials (lace, chiffon).. I also loads stacks of bracelets and rings to add hardware and dimension. Hats are also a go-to for me lately. Hiding under a hat is fun for the beginning of a party and then letting down the loose waves of hair mid-way through. 😉

  9. I agree! There’s nothing worse than someone in head-to-toe designer clothes that looks like they were styled by a sale girl. Nothing can replace personal style!

    xo Mary Jo

  10. Awesome street style selections!
    I love wearing two trends at once… more than that is a bit tricky!


  11. I think it depends on the trends you’re trying to work into your outfits. For instance the current small cross body purse trend is actually a very classic look that should work with most outfits. If the trend is really flamboyant, like color blocking or studs or something like that, they it would probably be best to decide which trend to try at a time. One really eye-catching piece is all one needs I think, the rest should accentuate that.

    Good food for thought!


  12. I try to stick to one trend at a time, because IT’S VERY DIFFICULT FOR ME. I must focus so that I don’t vere off course.

  13. I love these looks, while i’m not sure by legs would look great in those orange pants, I love the color combo. And the peek-a-boo top is to die for.

  14. I highly enjoy putting my own take on trends, and also leaving some trends by the wayside because I am not a fan…like feather hair extensions and huge foxtail clips…those I cannot do! haha

    Shasie of Live Life in Style
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