NoH Does: Hot Weather Leather

Earlier this week I sent out a challenge.  I asked you all to share how you wear leather (real or faux) in the summer.  Some of you cowered at the request.  Saying that the heat was too much.  Some of you laughed.  Thinking that I was crazy. But for the one who braved the heat, goes this week’s NoH Does crown.

Okay.  Maybe that was a little dramatic.  But then again, I don’t see your booty in a pair of leather shorts, do I??


However, I do see Melissa’s!  Melissa, of House of Hippie, was actually my very first NoH Does featured blogger, so I am super happy to showcase her today.  Oh… and if you are wondering, the supper cute dog in the photo?  That is Hippie.  Pretty cute, I know.  Kind of like Melissa, who won’t let anything get between her and a look (hello! She is wearing leather in July!).  I love how her blog really captures her fun, outgoing personality, while showcasing her love for fashion.


Oh!  And for fun… this is me!  Yes, I too rock leather (in this case faux) in the summer— but mostly because I am ALWAYS cold, and this is my favorite jacket!

Happy NoH Does!  And if you want to be featured next Saturday, be sure to stop by Monday for the week’s topic!


  1. Great look!

    I really love the light dress with leather jacket… that’s a really great outfit!

  2. Great looks! I love the jacket and though I personally wouldn’t be brave enough for leather shorts, I love the combo with the wedge heels. I wore a leather skirt the other day, so leather is definitely wearable in summer.

  3. Melissa is very brave & so are you! I love the jacket with the summery skirt & top.

  4. You and Melissa look H-O-T!!! (pun intended?) The leather looks amazing… I would kill to look like that in a pair of leather shorts, and your leather in silk combo is so feminine and edgy. LOVE IT!

  5. You look so cute! Love that you are sporting leather by the pool. I can totally relate with you, I am always cold too. 😉

  6. Hot weather leather is a good thing, I say! I’ve been wanting leather shorts forever. I almost ordered some last week, then got sidetracked. On the list! Love your look.

  7. you are both totally rockin’ it. for me, in the summer, leather doesn’t go much beyond the shoes or the purse.

  8. I wear my faux leather vest but that’s because my arms still have wind room! hahaa, but these ladies do a great job with their leather!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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