NoH Does: Notorious Neon

Today’s NoH Does features 2 lovely bloggers, while neither writes specifically about fashion, they both possess a keen sense of style.  Yep.  I am a fan… OH!  In case you missed the topic post (which actually deeply offends me and I intend to cry many tears over it), today topic is Notorious Neon.  That’s right— we are looking at how to incorporate those electric colors into our every day lives.  And these two ladies do so easily.

Lisa's Hot Pink Mane

First up is Lisa from Its Own Sweet Will.  And when Lisa goes neon- she isn’t messing around.  Her hot pink hair makes two things very clear: Lisa is both courageous and a lot of fun.  I think the same can be said about her blog.  Every time I visit it I am either impressed by her courageous writing or reduce to fits of laughter by her hysterical stories.  PS—I make her lemon caper chicken recipe all the time.

Meghann's neon green shades

How cool are Meghann’s glasses?!  The neon green make quite a statement and are the perfect compliment for summer’s sunshine.  I have really enjoyed getting to know Meghann Chapman via her blog Meghann Chapman(makes it super easy to remember, right?!).  She is this incredibly strong woman who claims to be a cynic—but I think that’s just a cover for how caring and insightful she actually is.  Plus she loves sweet tea, so we are practically bffs…


Hope you guys enjoyed this week’s NoH Does.  Make sure you leave our featured bloggers some love and check out this coming Monday’s post for the next topic!


  1. Woot woot!! :)

  2. Very nice! I love Lisa’s hair! I would never be brave enough. I guess the same could be said for Meghann’s glasses!

  3. I love Meghann’s sunglasses!!! So ’90 !!!!

  4. Thanks so much for mentioning me Alexis! I do appreciate it. (You all should have seen/heard my husband’s and boy’s reactions ). Next time around I’m planning on getting even *more* streaks, as well as investigating those little clip on color swatches and tiny *braids (especially love those). I was born for big, colorful hair!

  5. Such a cute lil’ post! Lovin’ the neon. I need those shades!

  6. A little neon does a style good sometimes – love those sunglasses.

  7. I LOVE the hair…. believe it or not, I have done some really crazy/wonderful things with my hair in my time. My first holiday with my hubby, we went to the Commorres (my hair was waist length) without him knowing, I went to the salon, had it shaved to a number 2 and came out with my hair orange! I thought he was going to die when he saw me and realised it was ME!
    The glasses are def.. eye catching :)

  8. Very nice! The neon hair is really cool!

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