Notorious Neon

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I admit it.  I have spent the last week or so ogling the fall clothing now heading into stores.  Yes, I live in Los Angeles.  Yes, it will be in the 80*s all week.  Yes, it is still full on summer here and will be until October.  But I can’t help myself it is so good looking.

So, I know what I must do.  I must find a trend so utterly summery that it will snap me right back to July.  And I think I have found just the ticket: NEON.  These acidic colors scream warm weather.  Plus they are sure to add a punch to any look.

Find this trend disarming?  Intimidating?  Down right frightening?  I get it.  These colors are notoriously challenging.  Fortunately there are a multitude of ways to dip your toe in to the proverbial water.

And here are few of them:

Where To Shop:

  • ASOS “Neon Lace Midi Skirt” ($77.58),
  • Rebecca Taylor “Snakeskin Jacquard Cami Dress” ($283),
  • Orly “Oh Cabana Boy” Nail Laquer ($7),
  • Cleobella “Cantina Mini Crossbody” ($99),
  • ASOS BLACK “Neoprene High Neck Shift Dress” ($146.53),

You are so clever.  I bet you guessed that this was the week’s NoH Does topic!  So, do us all of favor, slap on your fav neon look, take a photo and email it to me ( along with your name and if you are a blogger, your blog info.  Then, come check your featured self out on Saturday!!!!


  1. Oh gosh. Neon. Now there are colors I do not do well. I’ll be anxious to see what everyone else comes up with!

  2. I think neon nailpolish is def. the easiest and mildest way to do this look- i love neon on accessories myself, i tend to wear dark colours so a pop of neon on a bag or shoe is welcome

  3. I love all the color and need to get more soon to add to the wardrobe, maybe neon pink shorts that just went on sale at jcrew? Maybe. Hope this summer is treating you well! I’m in LA today househunting like a maniac!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. I love neons.. they were all over my summer must haves list. :)

  5. Ohhh, love the orange bag. Nice round up, love! Ah, Fall is the best– my favorite time in fashion… so much amazing stuff is trickling in… I am completely about to be flat broke. 😉 I am trying to sit on my wallet.

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  6. I love neon look…..little bit goes a long way for me, but I love bright and vibrant colors. I try to keep it to my shoes and purses…..I have few tops and one dress.

  7. love love love that crossbody bag! i’m obsessed with neon these days, never thought this neutrals girl would fall for it!

  8. I love the Snakeskin Jacquard Cami Dress! And the nail laquer! I guess we could say that I love neon pink!

  9. I don’t wear neon as a whole…. but when I do… I accessorise with it!!! (Scarves, Bangles and Earings) I keep the look ‘funky’ but in tune to my age group and you can still get an awesome eye catching look (in the right way ….. :) I am the ‘HOW IS THIS FOR A CONTRADICTION’- The eccentric old lady from the farm down the street who wears all those ‘different’ outfits!:) I generally also love to wear scarves on my head in weird and wonderful ways…. maybe I should do a post on this lol

  10. Wow! Love the colors! I love them. I wouldn’t be able to wear them all, but the hot pink would look great on me–the color would, that is. I have a neon pink, retro, swimming cap–does that count?

  11. I think I need that bag in my life!

  12. Well, I’m happy to hear I’m not to only one looking forward to Fall and its fashions. I was just looking up at the trees, today, thinking about how pretty they will be once Autumn comes back. Its my fave, but alas. Its still July. Summer dresses, it is. Thanks for the kick.

  13. I don’t do neon that well but I would wear neon polish on my toes:)

  14. I think the neon trend is great! Whether in makeup or in clothes! I know girl about looking at the fall items! It will be like 100 here until november! hahaha, but Fall is my favorite season of clothing

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  15. I have lots of bright clothes but no neon ):
    Once upon a time I had a lot of neon clothes, but I was a teenager then. They are really fun! I look forward to see how other people put them together.

    I can’t do fall yet though. I don’t even want to see it in the stores! I’m not ready yet!!!!!!!


  16. That cantina cross-body mini is so beautiful. Challenging colours, perhaps, but soooo worth the risk. I love them!

  17. Love all of them. Bright colors have always been my “thing”

  18. OOO I love that dress. I’m not intimidated by neons at all. Love em’.

  19. I actually love your banner, so cute..
    Neon collection is great to get inspiration for summer

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