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I am sick.  And miserable.  Horrible I know.  I think it may be the plague or a really bad cold.  Either way, I feel awful.

So instead of sitting in the sun and enjoying the beautiful weather in Los Angeles, I am laying in the fetal position on my sofa.  Awful.

If I had to be sick, I would want to be sick here:

Image via "Mon Jardin & Ma Maison"


I love the idea of an outdoor bedroom!  Frankly I love any outdoor room.   This one is particularly appealing now that the weather is warm and the idea of lounging idly outside; reading a book sipping on iced tea… it is kind of perfect.

And the fact that it can be so easily created!  All you would need is a twin bed (under $50 on Craigslist), a few pillows and a thin mattress ($100 via Ikea) and a mosquito net ($30 on Bed, Bath & Beyond).  Add a few personal touches and voila!  Only thing missing?  A pitcher of iced tea and something tells me you guys can handle that!

So go for it.  Make yourself an outdoor room and enjoy the season!!!




  1. I hope you feel better!! Being sick is no fun. Although, if I could be in that photo while sick, it might not be so bad either.

  2. An outdoor bedroom would be such a nice option for my home!

    I hope you feel better Alexis :(

  3. Oh no Alexis – I hope you feel better ASAP! I would seriously give anything for a porch like I used to have at my old LA apt – or even better, a backyard with THAT canopy bed – droolworthy.

  4. Love your little diy outside bed! I am so sorry to hear you’re sick and hope that you get better faster than I did–normally I get the flu for a few days and it passes but mine went on and on and finally ended after a couple of weeks of total misery. Anyway–feel better, drink lots of tea with honey/lemon :) Sending you warm get well thoughts!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I absolutely love this idea. I am going to print this photo out and put it on my wish list. Love, love, love it. Beautiful, comfortable, and inviting. I do hope you feel much better soon. Take good care.

  6. yes! yes!
    get better. summer cold = no fun

  7. I am sorry to hear you’re sick. Hope you’ll feel better in no time and get the chance to fully enjoy the summer weekend. :) That place is so dreamy, I would love to lounge there for a day…or two… :)

  8. I love the idea as well! This outdoor bedroom (from the picture) is sooo cool! I hope you’ll feel better soon!

  9. Hey there dear, the tranquil revamp of an outdoor room would be great for lounging, I need to do that like this one above. I’m sorry that you are a bit sick. Get loads of rest, drink water, and try not to stress. Wishing you a peaceful and fast-healing of a weekend. xxoo :)

  10. I pray for healing in Jesus Name… I would love your dreamy rest place – will have to create something for myself :) Feel Better soon xx

  11. I love it – and want to create something just like it as soon as I have my courtyard and not just dirt
    Hope you’re feeling better soon! (And be assured I feel practically positive it isn’t the plague!)

  12. I am so sorry to hear you are feeling crappy!!! I hope it passes soon.

    I love outdoor rooms and pretty porches and yes, if I had to be sick that would be my room of choice as well.

    ~ Get Better Soon ~

  13. Happyaunt says:

    Love the idea of any outdoor space to lounge in! Feel better soon!!!!

  14. Awww, Alexis! Sooo sorry you’re sick, hon! Such a bummer it’s gorgeous here in LA. booo. :( I had a nasty cold a couple weeks ago that had me in a bed for a week. It must be going around here. Must be the dirty LA grocery carts. bahah. Chicken soup, gatorade and water, saltine crackers, magazines, and loads of terrible movies, babe! Hope you get better soon.

    As far as the post goes, yes… agreed. I love outdoor beds. They’re the best. I made sangria for the first time last night w my man, my sis and her hubby for a BBQ game night in at my place and it was killer in the best and bad way- ahahaha. I loved it. so I may trade out the iced tea for sangria! Everything else is perfection!

    Feel better, love!

    xoxoxo. juliana

    moonstruck exposé

  15. Beautiful! Love the idea. Feel better soon!

  16. Um… I want one! This looks heavenly. Hope you’re feeling better now so we can play games & drink too much wine :)

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