Playing Hooky



Today is one of those days that would be best spent playing hooky.  It is actually a good day… things are going well at work, the sun is shining, Lukus is recovering from his surgery.  Just a good day.  So I want to celebrate by running away to the beach.  I want to plop down in the sand, play in the water, maybe do some surfing…. But alas, that is not going to happen.  I have projects due and Lukus has his surgery follow up appointment… another busy day.

Instead I will be relegated to staring wistfully at this photo.  I took it in Malibu during happier times (a few weeks ago!), when the beach wasn’t  a distant dream.

If you could play hooky today, what would you do?


  1. A trip to the beach sounds pretty darn good to me too. Darn that blasted work!

  2. Oooh, i think i’m gonna have a busy hooky day.
    Maybe a little beach time.
    Then pool time.
    Library lazy reading time.
    Then off to Starbucks coffee time.
    Up next, playing the the yard time.
    Before, painting the bathroom time.
    And finally, laying in bed eating pie and reading fanfiction time.

    I’m tired. I’m gonna need another hooky day to recuperate.

  3. oh, and shopping at IKEA time. Cant forget that.

  4. I so relate! Hopefully we can meet up for a brunch or lunch down by the beach soon! I’m back officially this weekend!

    xo mary jo

  5. I’d drink a couple of beers and float in the lake all day.

  6. I would love to call in sick today to hit the SoCal beaches! It’s so hot here today in NYC that I actually looked forward to getting into the office this morning to cool off (I think that might be a first)? I hope Lukus is healing up fast from his surgery – it’ll be 6 o’clock cocktail hour before you know it :-)

  7. Well… I’m actually leaving for the beach tomorrow morning! Yay! But… it’s a 14+ hour drive from where I live to Florida, and I have a bunch of work to get done on the way. But I’ll be at the beach for a whole week, and I’m even going to Disney World one day. :)

  8. The beach, a few Coronas and cute sunglasses! I wish there was a beach near by ;(

  9. I would love to camping…
    I’d really love to find someone else to tidy up this messy house of mine (no idea how it got this way…), then just lie out in the sun for a while, drink sweet tea by the bucket, and read. (Honestly I’d give up all that just to have someone else plan and make dinner! )

  10. hmmm… hooky days are the best. I tend to have a lot of them these days. bahahha. I have had a lot of time to do my creative stuff which has been fun… but my ideal day is to have a picnic up at the top of my hill here in Beachwood Canyon… and shoot loads of pictures with my Canon. 😉 Love love love it. After I fried my hiney off on July 4th at the beach.. i am taking a break from Malibu for a sec. lol.

    moonstruck exposé

    x. juliana

  11. Hookie day for me would definitely be spent at the beach or at the pool! Too hot to be anywhere not near water! lol

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  12. If I could play hooky today I would just sit in my backyard with cold drink and I would just read…..I miss reading so much.

  13. Oh, Malibu is one of my favourites. Its just so interesting to be there and people watch. (Plus love that historic house on the beach there – do you go there?)

  14. I’m wistfully dreaming about our tropical getaway right now. Playing hooky sounds lovely!

  15. Pretty photo! We should go to Hermosa Beach together and visit that yummy Mexican place I wrote about :)

  16. Lovely! It is now Saturday Morning, and I too want to play hooky! I have to go to work today – which will be my 6th straight day of work. And I might be there as long as 15 hours!
    I’d rather be home, where the laundry needs washing and the dishes need putting away… but I wouldn’t do those things. I’d snuggle on the couch with my little one and watch movies all day…

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