Presents From Puma

So remember way back on Wednesday when I showed you the Puma Event?  Do you think I simply posted it to make you jealous?  I can’t believe you have such a low opinion of me!  Come on now!  I am way better to you than that!

I posted it because:

TOGETHER WITH PUMA WE ARE HOSTING A GIVEAWAY!!!!! Woohoo!!!!  (That’s why all the exclamation points in the last paragraph.  The excitement was building inside me.)

Back to the giveaway- The wonderful people at Puma and I thought it would be great-great to do a giveaway in conjunction with NoH’s  Beach Body Week!  After all if I am going to talk about all this working out and getting in shape, you might as well do it in style.

(Enough babbling.  Get to the prize already!)

We are giving away a package that includes: A Bag, A Pair of Shoes & A Top!!!!!

How amazing is that?!

AND WAIT, there’s more:  I am not giving away just one prize package- I am giving away 3!!!!!!!

I know.  I can hardly contain myself.

Now Onto the Technical Stuff:

  • The contest runs until July 22nd.(I will draw winners via & will announce them the next day)
  • It is only open to people with a US address.  (As in if you don’t live here, but know someone who does who would be willing to send it to you, recruit them!)
  • Open to both women and men!

How To Enter:

  • Mandatory-  Visit, then come back here and leave a comment telling me what your favorite item is! (1 entry)

Optional additional entries:

  • “Like” both North On Harper and Puma on Facebook.  Come back here and let me know in a separate comment.  Make sure to comment with what name to look for! (1 entry)
  • Follow both @NorthOnHarper & @Puma on Twitter. (Again Make sure to leave a comment!) (1 entry)
  • Tweet this message:  “Check out the great @Puma giveaway on @NorthOnHarper for your chance to win an amazing prize pack!” (1 entry)
Winners will be announced on Saturday, July 23rd.  I will post the winner here and on Facebook.  Please email me at alexis@northonharper if you are the winner!  Remeber to use the email address you entered with (helps me verify that it is you!).  If I do not hear from the winners by Wednesday, July 27th an alternate winner will be chosen via



  1. That is one amazing giveaway! Nice work! Love Puma’s shape-up Mary-Janes. Sooo cute!

  2. Tweeted the giveaway!

  3. I am so all over this! I am totally crushing on the Cell Cerano Charcoal and pink runner, and the FAAS 500 hot pink. Too hot!

  4. Liked Puma on FB (I already liked U, U knew that :)

  5. Following @puma (already follow u)

  6. Tweeted is done deeted. Sheesh, Alexis, I’m tired.

  7. Cool idea! My favorite is the Complete Veris Women’s Everyday Neutral Trainer. Good luck with the GiveAway!

  8. This is amazing, Alexis. If I won this package I would be ecstatic… I’ve been using the same workout shoes since the 9th grade and I can’t afford new ones! I’m trying to get to the website but it’s under construction. :(

  9. I already like your page, duh! :)

  10. Already following you on Twitter!

  11. Tweeted!!!

  12. Following Puma on Twitter!

  13. Ok picking 1 thing was impossible : ) BUT, if I had to, I’d say it’s the Replica Cat III S Women’s Shoe because I had a pair of them when I was in junior high and I LOVED THEM!

  14. Katherine Sullivan likes you already on Facebook but likes Puma now too

  15. IrishItalianKS following you and Puma on Twitter

  16. All about Puma’s McQueen Entwine sneaker!!! :-)

  17. I’m of course liking you & Puma on Twitter and FB! :-)

  18. Wow, girl! Look at all the traffic! You go girl.
    I looove this pullover –>,en_US,pd.html?cgid=15000

  19. Liked you both on FB!

  20. Following you both on Twitter!

  21. I was finally able to like the Puma Facebook page, and my favorite item is this pretty pink pair of shoes!!!

  22. Amazing giveaway dear, will re-tweet it and spread the love. Already liking you of course, & will let others who have not yet experienced the “art of the Puma” enjoy this one. -xxoo :)

  23. I’m lovin’ the Complete Nightfox TR Women’s Running Shoes.

  24. Didn’t know they had ballerina shoes. I’m going to have to vote for them!

  25. following on twitter!

  26. This is amazing!!! Congratulations!!!! I love the Lazy Slip-Ons and the Rudolf Dassler Rhythms.

  27. I’m also following you & PUMA on twitter (@kirstinfoley)

  28. i love the FAS 500W, love the color fucsia
    My Fashion Bug

  29. I love the Karla Ballerina Flat!!

    Live Life in Style

  30. I was already a fan of your page via Shalanda ‘Shasie’, and now I’m a fan of PUMA under the same name

    Live Life in Style

  31. I already follow @northonharper on twitter and now I’m following @puma, both via @livelifeinstyle

    Live Life in Style

  32. I tweeted the giveaway

    Live Life in Style

  33. Wow, THAT was not easy. Finding only ONE item to share that we like took forever. LOL Too many awesome choices. Here’s the one I really loved: Style Cat Sneakers in white.

  34. Like you on FB as Mimi B

  35. Like Puma on FB as Mimi B

  36. Follow you on Twitter as @bigguysmama

  37. Following Puma on Twitter as @bigguysmama

  38. I like the Voltaic III Women’s Running shoes.

    Great giveaway! Thanks for the entry!

  39. I liked both you and Puma on FB (Rust Hawk)

  40. I am following you and Puma on twitter @rusthawk.

  41. Already following you. I’ll like/follow Puma too. Fun giveaway!

  42. Love the Canvas shoes puma has on their site… oh, and the red ones in the photo are pretty sweet too. But, I’ve got a “thing” for red. : )

  43. like both you and puma on FB! : )

  44. What a great giveaway! Looking through the site, I’m really impressed with Puma’s swimsuits. Who knew? My favorites are the knotted hipster bikini bottoms.

  45. I’m following you both on Twitter!

  46. And I tweeted about the giveaway. :)

  47. What a great giveaway. I love the women’s yellow and blue top and the PURPLE shoes – fabulous! Cheers, Jody

  48. Liked NoH and Puma on facebook. Check!

  49. Followed NoH and Puma on Twitter. Check!

  50. Tweeted secret code to this blog url from my twitter feed. Check!

  51. Thank you, Alexis.

  52. Okay, I had enter this since I’m a die-hard Puma fan. I like the old school style and the replicat silver and lime green are my favs. Fingers crossed!

    xo Mary Jo

  53. I love the Faas 500 NM Women’s Running Shoes in to die for Purple!

  54. I’m a sucker for Pumas on my baby boys, so my favorite item is the Delor Cat V Kids shoes for toddlers!!

  55. I like you both on Facebook!
    (Gena Lazcano)

  56. I follow you both on Twitter!

  57. Um I totally want the Puma Dj’s for my son or hubs. LOVE them

  58. My Favorite Product@ In White

  59. Danielle V says:

    I love the Alexander McQueen Jacket by Puma! So great!

  60. I follow both you and Puma on twitter – @daniellevillano

  61. I follow both you and Puma on Facebook – as Danielle Villano and my Love and Look Pretty page!

  62. following you and Puma!!

  63. love the Suede Classic Eco shoes!

  64. Yaay!! Cool collab, congrats! (did you like all my alliterations and abbreviations!?)

    Haha, well I already liked you on FB, and have just done the same with Puma (via Melissa Carron) (ONE entry)

    I also already followed you on twitter and have just done the same with Puma (ONE entry)

    I retweeted the message on twitter (via HoH’s twitter AND my personal acct) (TWO entries?!?!)

    Also, As you know, I am a shoe addict as well as an athlete and a field hockey coach, so I tend to blow through running shoes pretty quickly. I love the Faas 300 Women’s Running shoe, but the girly side of me really likes the Urban Mobility Women’s suede wedge. It kinda reminds me of the post I did recently on fashionable sneakers! (ONE entry)

    If my math serves me correctly (as I said, I was an athlete first, student second), that should be a grand total of FIVE entries!! haha I hope my over-enthusiasm has made you smile!


  65. I love the black watch !!gorgeous!

    I Love Making Tutus

  66. I liked North On Harper on FB!

    I Love Making Tutus

  67. I liked Puma on FB!

    I Love Making Tutus

  68. I followed both @NorthOnHarper & @Puma on Twitter.

    I Love Making Tutus

  69. I tweeted the giveaway!

    I Love Making Tutus

  70. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I picked the Cell Summanus Women’s Running Shoes

  71. My favorite item on is the Urban Mobility Cardigan, unfortunately there are only a few left in stock none of them being my size =(

  72. I like Puma and North on Harper on Facebook as “Holly M Cupp”

  73. I follow both Puma and North on Harper on Twitter as @kenziegreeneyes

  74. I tweeted the puma giveaway message =)

  75. Awesome giveaway! I love the Faas 500 women’s running shoe in pink!

  76. I already follow you on Facebook and now I am following Puma too.

  77. I now follow both you and Puma on Twitter.

  78. Just tweeted about the giveaway.

  79. I liked North On Harper and Puma on Facebook. Look for Siobhan Armer!

  80. Following both @NorthOnHarper & @Puma on Twitter. Twitter account mynxie.

  81. Tweeted this message: ”Check out the great @Puma giveaway on @NorthOnHarper for your chance to win an amazing prize pack!” Twitter account mynxie

  82. Visited and my favorite item is the Delor Cat JR. They are so cute and would look adorable on my daughter!

  83. visited the site, I am LOVING the Repli Cat III shoes!

  84. Look at me! I’m entering a contest! I super-enjoyed the Graphic Track Jacket. I have a thing for old-school looking zippies!

  85. And I liked PUMA on facebook!

  86. (you know I already like NOH. duh.)

  87. Tweeted the giveaway, Facebooked North On Harper and PUMA, and following you guys on my Twitter.

    Sherri Denise Sutton on Facebook

    Sherri D. Sutton on Twitter

    The Andrew McQween shoes are hot and the fact that they are also for women is even hotter!

  88. kristen says:

    I love the FAAS 500 running shoes in hot pink! It’s hot! Great job Alexis!

  89. Katie Buchkowski says:

    Liked on facebook… site was down sooo i’ll get back to you on the favorites! ps you rock my puma socks off!

  90. Katie Buchkowski says:

    K the Faas 300, I think well I’ll start there :)

  91. My favourite item on are their sneakers! Repli Cat III Women’s Leather Shoes are similar to the sneakers I get almost every time I buy sneakers. They always last long and wear great with a variety of outfits.

  92. CJ Gorman says:

    I like the Espera III sequin ballerina flats in silver and the graphic running skirt

  93. Summer Bonner says:

    Veris Women’s Everyday Neutral Trainer would be my most coveted item…I have a gait that requries stability and these would be perfect.

  94. Kelli Wood says:

    I love the womens toning shoes and the Agile tricot pants in black!

  95. Kelli Wood says:

    i like north on harper and puma on facebook under the name Kelli Wood

  96. Kelli Wood says:

    follow you both on twitter under the name monstersmom0212

  97. Kelli Wood says:

    i also tweeted with the name monstersmom0212

  98. Barbara Villarreal says:

    I love everything!

  99. Steve Stone says:

    Complete Spectana II Running Shoes is cool
    thanks for the chance

  100. Cheryl Tobey says:

    I went to and have to say that I love the ESPERA III BALLERINA FLATS in pink and white. Too cute! There were also more than a few bags that caught my eye. All I have to say is, who knew??? Thanks for sharing …and….pick me, pick me! :)

  101. Cheryl Tobey says:

    I “like” North on Harper on Facebook!

    again I say … pick me! :)

  102. tracey byram says:

    I like the women’s Speed Cat SD shoes.

  103. My favorite item from are the Replica Cat III S Women’s Shoes.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  104. Liked North On Harper & Puma on FB.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  105. @hazelfinn follows @NorthOnHarper & @PUMA on Twitter.
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  106. Tweeted Giveaway;!/hazelfinn/status/92114516409712640
    Dana Beeman: danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  107. Ooh I love their bodytrain mary janes… so cute!

  108. Selinda McCumbers says:

    I like the Complete Veris Women’s Everyday Neutral Trainer!


  109. Joyce Harrell says:

    My favorite item is the Volvo Ocean Race Womens Graphic Tee in Dandelion

  110. Daniel Thornton, Jr. says:

    My favorite item is the Men’s Lightweight Jacket

  111. Anastasia Cochran says:

    I love all the sports bags

  112. I love their toning sneakers, especially the BodyTrain Mesh Women’s Toning Shoes in deep water-puma silver-white

  113. I’m in love with the FAA 300 Women’s Running Shoes, the Dark-Shadow (Steel Grey and Neon Pink) ones are SUPER cute! I’ve been looking for some good running shoes :)

  114. ‘Like’ North on Harper on FB

  115. Kandi Smith says:

    My favorite Puma item is the Women’s Hooded Track Jacket in Beetroot Purple.

  116. Kandi Smith says:

    I follow North on Harper and Puma on twitter as KandiKlbs1

  117. Mitch Roberts says:

    My favorite Puma item is the Men’s Cell Vetara Running Shoes in Black/Blue.

  118. Mitch Roberts says:

    I follow @NorthOnHarper and @Puma on twitter as mirtrob111

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