Wine of The Week (38)

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Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend!  I can’t believe the week is already over and that the weekend is coming to an end.  But enough- you want to know about the week’s wine.  And I want to tell you!

This week our sommelier David has selected the 2009 Jean-Paul Brun – Moulin A Vent Terres Dorees.  According to David, “this red is light enough for summer, but it still has body”.  While there is definite fruit and acidity to this wine, there is also a creaminess that makes it a nice surprise.

Another great thing about this wine?  It has several years of life left in it.  Meaning you can stock up now and enjoy the bottles for quite some time.  Yes, at about $23 a bottle this wine is slightly more expensive than our average wines on North On Harper.  But David assures, it is well worth it!



  1. Sounds interesting. I’m currently attempting to expand my “wine knowledge” and you are proving very helpful!

  2. I will be putting this on my list to try when hubs gets home. He loves trying new wines. Must be the Italian blood in him,lol.

  3. Sounds good! Well, you know in the limited wine knowledge I have (all from your website!) it does.

  4. I dont know much about wine, but judging by the label and your review – looks good :)

  5. gotta love a girl that tweets about wine at 630am and one who reads about it and is already thirsty (me!) :) Happy Sunday Alexis, lets have lunch with Steph or even better wine sometime soon!

  6. After this weekend, I could drink the whole bottle! HA!

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