Wine of The Week (39)

Can you believe it is Sunday?  I can’t believe it is Sunday.  This week flew by for me.  Today I hope will be restful:  a visit to a Farmer’s Market, Some reading, lounging, dinner.  Maybe a glass of wine.   Awww— you know I had to throw that in there!  It is Wine Of The Week after all!

This week resident sommelier and all around good guy, David, has selected the Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet Les Gras Moutons by Marc Ollivier.  David describes this white as a “grassy lemon citrus. A sexy summer wine.”  Hmmmm… sounds enticing.  And for around $14 it is more than worth its price tag.  I think I am going to add lounging outside with a glass of this for today’s must do list!


  1. interesting. i’m not big on drinking but i like to try things here and there, might give this a shot :)

  2. Actually this week flew by for me too. Enjoy your glass of wine! Tomorrow the new week starts :)

  3. This sounds like a really good white wine! And it’s really not expensive as well! And I love that Les Gras Moutons means Fat sheeps…

  4. No, I can’t believe it’s already Sunday…..what a quick week.

    I love good light summer wines…..grassy lemon citrus….sounds really good.

  5. Oooo “grassy lemon citrus” sounds so good! Thanks for more wine education Alexis!

  6. Why do the weekends go by so darn fast?

  7. we should totally do lunch or dinner at bouchon- let’s have a bloggy double dinner date and drinks with our boys. we can have a double outfit post 😉

    xx. jewls

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