Wine Of The Week (40)

We’ve been doing this Wine of The Week thing for awhile now (40 weeks, but who’s counting- oh wait, I am) and I felt like I should do a little refresher on what it is/how it works.

My lovely friend David happens to be a sommelier.  This whole thing started out with him giving some wine advice for a post (check it out here In Vino Veritas).  I had so much fun with it, that I was like “hey, why don’t you do a weekly wine suggestion!”  And being the good friend that he is, David agreed.

So, each week David picks out a wine (generally under $20) that is available at most local wine shops.  He describes it.  I find an online retailer for it.  And Ta-Da: you’ve got yourself a wine of the week.

Now wasn’t that informative?

Onto the wine:

This week, before he even told me what the wine was, David said, “Trust me.”  Now these may seem like harmless words, but you aren’t friends with David.  So trust me, I was afraid.

The wine is Monasterio de Corias Joven 2009 from Spain.  It is a red.  And here is where the “trust me” comes in- this wine is to be served chilled.  Your wine shop may tell you differently but David says, “trust me.”  He explains, that “for those of you who love red wine, but don’t want to drink it in the heat this is a great way to go.”  And David would know, he is living in New York and it is in the 100s*F/38*C.  The bottle costs about $15 dollars, making it the right wine for a summer evening and the right wine for your pocketbook.  Trust me.


  1. I know red wine isn’t normally supposed to be chilled, but I ALWAYS chill mine. So, I guess this one would be perfect for me! I’ll have to see if I can find it local. Thanks!

  2. Very innovative….I have quite a list of wines now. I tried few, but I am way behind. You know, busy mom can drink only as much wine,lol. This one is going on my list as well.

    Couple days ago I went for a dinner at our local Tinhorn Creek winery and I had a beautiful glass of wine. I forgot the name of it and now I have an excuse to go back when hubs comes home.

  3. I have ALWAYS chilled my red wine…. or added ice to it! Unless of course, if it is a super duper pretty expensive red wine that will be ruined by adding ice :)

  4. Hey… I bet you never thought having a sommelier for a friend would help you create a fun feature like this on your blog! The wine sounds good, definitely don’t feel like drinking anything that isn’t chilled these days in the 112 degree heat…

  5. I love having a glass of red wine. Chilled! 😉

  6. I’ve never chilled my red… will have to try this one!

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