A Stylish Transition

With September a day a way I think it is officially time we make the transition to fall focused shopping (although,  let’s be honest,  I have been here for weeks!).  And to begin,  I think it best we look at those pieces that work while the temperature says summer,  but our fashion choices say fall.

I actually have 3 clothing articles that I suggest purchasing now that will take you from today through November (or next spring if you live in a climate like Los Angeles).  These are pieces that,  regardless of current trends, possess an inherent chicness we all want to exude.  Also,  these are items that can be seamlessly integrated into your wardrobe- no matter what your aesthetic.


(Free People “Sahara Star Pullover” $88,  J.Crew “Goldmine Sweater” $138 ,  A|Wear “Pointelle Sweater” $54.89 )

A Light Sweater:  Cropped or long,  open or tight weave—I love a good sweater.  I should say light sweater,  because according to Lukus these things should be classified as shirts.  Regardless, a light sweater can be a great piece during the seasonal shift.  Wear them over maxi skirts,  mini skirts,  midi skirts,  short shorts,  cropped jeans (I can keep going!) and you’ve got a look that is just plain cool.

(Prada “Suede & Calf Hair Bootie” $970,  L.A.M.B. “Benjamin” $325,  Rachel Zoe “Suede Platform Sandal” $295

Fall Platform Sandals:  Okay, I am using the term sandal loosely,  as in “anything that reveals your toes and has some other sort of cut-out.” Acceptable?  Good.  I adore these,  be they wedge, chunky, stacked or stiletto heeled.  Lose the espadrilles &  cork and replace them with leather & suede (faux or real!) and you have the perfect season shifter.  Wear them with bare legs now,  then (when it gets cooler) add tights or socks.  These shoes are feminine and fun.

(Alice+Olivia “Kim Structured Blazer” $368,  BB Dakota “Ellis Blazer” $115,  Kelly Wearstler “Gypsum Striped Blazer” $495)

Blazer:  An updated blazer is one of the chicest articles of clothing you can have in your closet.  Seriously.  You put on a blazer and you look a million times more put together.  You could be wearing a t-shirt and jeans—add the blazer and “ta-da” suddenly you have an outfit.  It can also work over dresses,  shorts,  skirts… Just like the light sweater,  blazers are incredibly versatile!


What do you think of these fall transitional pieces?  Do you have any item that you depend on during this seasonal shift?



  1. Well, I think I’m covered with the blazer, maaaybe on the sweater and I’m not so sure on the ‘sandals.’ I have several pairs, but I don’t know that they’re Fall-friendly. Well, wait I take that back. I think I have one pair :)
    And I’m with you on the Fall fashion. My brain has been there for weeks!

  2. I really love the first sweater and all 3 blazers. Lol at Lukus’ idea of a shirt/light sweater.

  3. Love everything in the middle shots especially the v-necked sweater. I’ve decided I’m always buying “going out ” clothes and need to do more of casual

  4. It doesn’t feel like summer is leaving any time soon, but I am quite excited to start slowly switching my summer shorts and tanks for jeans and jackets. I love my denim blazer and my clamdigger jeans…..I miss wearing them.

  5. despite the heat and humidity, i’m never ready to bid adieu to summer… but these pieces could maybe make the transition a little less painful :-)

  6. I love the first sweater, the 3rd shoe, and the 2nd jacket. Really nice. Especially that jacket!

  7. I love 2nd sweater, none of the shoes, and 2nd and 3rd blazer.

  8. These are the reasons that I don’t mind the change in weather…love love love that 2nd blazer. Fantastic picks!

  9. Definitely the blazer. I can turn jeans and a white T-shirt, working at my kids school, slip on a blazer and go out to dinner with my husband. Plus I love anything that makes me seem taller and slimmer.

  10. Nooo… summer can’t be over already! I’ll take the first pair of shoes, please.

  11. Happy Aunt says:

    Love the first sweater and third blazer. I would injure myself, and anyone else next to me, if I fell off those shoes (but love the look on others!)

  12. Hanging out on Pinterest has really gotten me into the fall clothing mood, but I’m not sure what kind of fall you all do out here in California.
    But I light sweaters are my favorite transitional pieces. Either pull over or cardigan. This season I think I definitely want open weave though.

  13. Blazers and light sweaters: definitely among my go-to items this time of year!

  14. These are all great transitional pieces. I agree that a blazer instantly makes you look more polished.

  15. I love the sweaters & the blazers & I’ve really been liking the platform/high heel short boot type shoes I’ve been seeing around. They remind me of shoes I had in high school, but updated :) I won’t be trying them until my knee heals, though. If it’s too late for that look I’m sure there will be something else, just as stylish to replace them. Fashion is cyclical & always evolving…

  16. Love the blazers! I just got a white one :-)

  17. I’m ready to wear Fall clothes! Still too hot…
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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