Beautiful Boudoirs

Someone I know is moving into a new apartment and is very excited about the prospect of turning her extra room into a grand dressing room (yes— she works in the fashion industry!).  Needless to say, I am insanely jealous.  Okay, maybe jealous is a bit extreme, but I have spent the last several nights imagining my own giant closet.

Alright!  I did more than imagine.  I looked up images online!  I am calling it research for my future home.

I know, you want in on the action.  I don’t blame you.  Dressing rooms just warm my heart.  And because I know you feel what I feel, here are some of the amazing examples I found… you feeling me?

Image via "No Place Like Home"


Image via "Country Living"


Image via Canadian "House & Home"


Image via "Lonny Mag"


Can you imagine yourself in any of these dressing rooms?  Which is your favorite?


  1. :::SWOON:::

  2. These are beautiful! I am sorely in need of a closet revamp and will use these are dream inspirations. I love the 2nd one with the red lacquered desk and Union Jack rug!

  3. The image from Canadian House and Home. Gorgeous!! I don’t have nearly enough of a wardrobe to warrant a large closet but it’s nice to dream.

  4. AMAZING! I need one of these too!! I’m so cramped in my little apartment closet!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  5. I love them all! I wish that I had a dressing room, right now I hardly have a closet! LOL

  6. a girl can always dream right?? what I like about these boudoirs is not only how nice and luxurious they are, but also how neatly placed the clothes are…
    When I open my wardrobe it’s always a mess!!!

  7. I wish I had a room like these ! Mu favourite one is the third one!

  8. The second one really speaks to me! LOVE the grey and pink!

  9. I like different things about all of them – the ceiling in the first, the ottoman in the first two, the colors in the second, the chair in the fourth. (Apparently the third is my least favorite 😉 I actually have a dressing room – but it doesn’t look like these (yet? )

  10. ooh… I’m drawn to the rug in the 2nd one! the third one is lovely too. they’re all so grown-up looking though, if I had a dressing room it would look like one of the colourful boutiques on Carnaby Street in the 60s!
    I guess I kind of do have a dressing room in that I use the built-in wardrobe in our 2nd bedroom for my clothes, but it’s more of a studio/dressing room combo!

  11. Ok… these rooms are incredible!!! Your post has inspired me as well! Just amazing!

    <3 Heidi

  12. I love the first one! Beautiful.

  13. I can totally imagine myself in dressing room #3. Now I’m dreaming. :)

  14. the sad thing is, i’m thinking of prettying up my sad little non-walk-in, non-room closet. just because i don’t have a whole room doesn’t mean it can’t get some paint and good lighting, right?

  15. A boudoir is my absolute DREAM! I’d kill to have one like the third photo. Pristine, clean, super-organized!

  16. Wow, so amazing.
    I’d love to move to a new place, redecorate and rearrange all my things, get rid of what I don’t need…

  17. I can’t wait to have my own dressing room like these! My closet right now is pretty packed. I need more space. :)

  18. Three words: I want one!

  19. The first one is amazing… full of character. I’d love to have an entire room dedicated to my clothes and accessories… guess then I’d also have an excuse to fill it.

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