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I don’t wear a ton of makeup.  I like it, but rarely do I have the time/patience to put in the work for a really dramatic look.  That isn’t to say I wear absolutely no makeup (well, okay, some days I just can’t be bothered!), but I do like to keep things simple.  And what I mean by that is minimum product, maximum impact.

As a result of this philosophy, I have a handful of products that I absolutely depend on.

Oh.  Wait.  Before we go any further— I did not include a couple of requirements— you have to have moisturizer (with SPF!) and mascara.  I am not identifying the “must haves” in these categories, because everyone’s needs are different (short lashes, fine lashes, fair skin, sensitive skin, etc…).  Plus, to be honest, I am still trying to figure out the best option for me in these areas.  However, I will reiterate that they are must-haves.

These two are specific examples, because they are tried and tested and true (plus I have seen them work on several different complexions and they always seem to work!)

Stila Sun Highlighter:  This is my blush, my highlighter, my “save-me-I-look-like-I-am-suffering-from-jaundice” pick me up.  I know I sounds dramatic, but it is seriously amazing.  Just the right amount of sparkle.  Best part?  You only have to use a little in order for it to go a long way—which makes you get quite the return on investment!  Speaking of, it is available on StilaCosmetics.comfor $26.Laura Mercier Kohl Eye Pencil in Black Gold:  First off, a kohl pencil is an absolute must for eyeliner.  You can use it inside the eyelid and if you have a less than steady hand you can smudge into just the perfect look.  Second, Laura Mercier’s color options are fantastic, each blend offers a load of dimension.  This is especially true of the “Black Gold” color- it has a little sparkle that seems to make any eye pop and is truly flattering.  The cost is $19 a pencil and totally worth it!


So those are two of my absolute favorite products.  Do you have any products that you adore?



  1. i am completely makeup impaired and wear very little on a daily basis, but i may have to try that eye pencil. i personally can’t live without my lash blast mascara from cover girl.

  2. The black gold pencil sounds really interesting to me. My eyes are very sensitive though. Would it cause irritation?

  3. I don’t wear much either, but I really like the sun highlighter. I already have the pencil. I only ever wear make-up when I go to a ‘do or function’ otherwise it’s ala natural for me! ( must add tho, that I do have permanent make up for my lips and eyes :)

  4. I’m very interested in the gold liner. I love using golds, oranges and coppers on my eyes. They really make the green pop.

  5. Happymother says:

    I love to wear make up. Over the years… I learned a lot about foundations. My favorite make up is a Bobby Brown Foundation, very light and natural. My sunpowder is from Guerlain or Laura Mercier. Helena Rubinstein has for my taste the best mascara!!

  6. Happymother says:

    You look beautiful without any make up.

  7. Laura mercier has an AMAZING….. I repeat AMAZING tinted spf moisturizer. Comes in different shades, is light and does a great job at evening the skin tone.

  8. I love all your recommendations! This got me excited to spruce up my make-up inventory :-)

  9. I MUST try that eye pencil!!

  10. I just do the same Bobby Brown I’ve done for ten years, they really have a timeless look. Though have switched from lipstick to lipgloss, much less mumsy on me….

  11. I have never been able to get eye pencils to work for me. It’s the one bit of makeup that I absolutely do not get how to use. Ah well. Totally agree with your assessment that moisturizer and mascara are musts!

  12. Heather Fonseca says:

    I have too many favorites to mention, but I do love Bobby Brown’s gel eyeliner. I wanna try that Laura mercier eye liner!

  13. I usually don’t leave the house without black eyeliner, black mascara, & lip gloss. But sometimes — especially during those hot LA days — I don’t feel like wearing anything!

  14. I don’t wear a lot of make up too! And mascara is my No 1 staple. Lately though I’ve became a blush fan, because it livens up my rather pale complexion (especially during winter)! During summer I totally adore Lancaster’s Kaleidoscope Illuminating compact powder…it really does wonders!

  15. I’m with you, even after all these years I still pretty much wear the same makeup everyday!! Ha-ha, I tried to branch out a few months ago with an eye palette kit from Sephora and I think I used it twice. I think one reason, is because I wear glasses so you can’t really see my eyes anyway.

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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