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Lately I have been checking out the covers of the September 2011 issues (you know, basically the most ‘important’ fashion magazine of the year, like in the movie?  Tell me you’ve seen the film!  If you haven’t well, I highly recommend it).  It always fascinates me how important the cover of a magazine is.  Unlike a book (who’s cover you shouldn’t judge!) the cover really is what sells a magazine.  After all, most magazines are sold in the checkout line of your local grocers.

So I decided to go through the September issues of the major fashion editions from around the world and simply pick my favorites based on appearance.  And I recognized a trend in the photos I was drawn to.  They have a vintage quality in much of the photos styling.  Not a single era, but a general nod to the past.  I love the idea of drawing on history to create something new.


You’ve actually already seen some of my favorites (Kristen Stewart on W, The Love covers and the Riley Keough i-D), but I chose three more to share with you here.  These all have classic appeal, yet in no way do they look alike.  From the chosen cover girl to the styling, each of these three covers has its own distinct personality.



Which is your favorite?  Do you have a favorite Magazine (Fashion or otherwise)?  What attracts you to one cover over another?


  1. Kirsten looks so charming and fresh faced! she has to be one of my favs :-) I think Gwyneth and Kate’s covers are pretty awesome too 😛

  2. I do like ELLE a lot and I have subscribe to it for few years. These days I read mostly Woman’s World and Better Homes & Gardens…..yes, that’s the mommy and homemaker coming out in me.

  3. I like W just because it is so much edgier than the rest.

  4. I love No 2 – I’m not a fan of the model in Elle, so wouldn’t buy it – lame I know, but that is just how it is!

  5. The Kirsten photo is lovely, but if she’s so much happier, why does she looks so darn gloomy in this picture? Odd . . .

  6. The Elle cover is my favorite. You are right, I have bouth so many magazines just because I liked the cover…

  7. I love the Kirsten Dunst one! And I love that the brand is so well known that they don’t even have to include one of the “L”s, and you still know what it says! : )

  8. Hearts for Kirsten!! I love her and love that cover.

  9. If I go out to purchase a mag at the store, I always judge by the cover. With a subscription, of course, we don’t have a choice in the matter! I think the third one is funny and cute.

  10. I love the cover of the new American Vogue with Kate Moss. The interior was a big disapointment though. I loved the photos of kate’s wedding, but everything else was kind of boring I thought.

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