Inside Daphne Guinness’ Closet


This is the Honourable Daphne Suzannah Diana Guinness… aka Daphne Guinness, fashionista extraordinaire.

For those unfamiliar, Ms. Guinness is one of the most relevant figures in modern couture.  She is one part designer muse, one part couture historian and one part creative genius.  She is surrounded by intrigue- some created, some not. And yes, she is an heiress of the Guinness family (yes, the beer).  Truly, I cannot explain who Daphne Guinness is in one paragraph (I tried in multiple drafts!), but if you are interested you can read more about her here.

I will say this- Daphne Guinness (among other things) is known for her amazing couture collection and her unabashed sense of personal style:

Clearly Daphne Guinness has penchant for the dramatic and an understanding of fashion as art.  Therefore, it is not surprising that on September 16th, New York’s FIT Museum will be opening an exhibit of more than 100 pieces from her personal collection.

Having worked in collaboration with many of the top designers on one-of-a-kind pieces, as well as having curated a collection of iconic pieces, one can only begin to imagine the extravagance of this show.

But, why imagine?!  Especially when I can give you a little sneak peek as to what’s in store!  Here are some of the shoes that will be displayed:

What do you think?  Are you interested to see what else is in Daphne Guinness’ closet?


(Images of Daphne Guinness via Daphne Guinness-Style Icon and shoes via Fashionologie, for additional information click on the images!)



  1. I give her props for not being afraid to take risks. Those shoes look downright dangerous!

  2. Yes, I am. This exhibition should be quite an experience. She really understands fashion as art.

  3. Am I interested? Ummmmmm…YES!

  4. Nope…. to be honest…. not interested in any of her collection at all! But then again, everyone has their own taste…. and if ‘that’ is what makes her tick – go for it! (Just keep me FAR AWAY lol)

  5. I have always loved those Alexander McQueen feathery/winged shoes and adore when she puts her clothes up for auction from time to time–this should be a great show! Have a wonderful weekend Alexis!

    Xo Mary Jo

  6. I would DIE to take just a peek inside her closet – I’m envisioning something close to Mary Poppin’s bag, where endless amounts of treasures emerge from inside.

  7. Not a big fan of the first shoes but the second ones are cuuute! (but way too high for me!)

  8. PS – you might need another trip out here after fashion week for this… :-)

  9. Wow amazing. I never knew this girl even existed! haha Thanks so much for sharing with us.

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  10. Wow she is FABULOUS! Related to Guiness beer?

  11. Shoes are sculpture, I’ve always said so. However, these look really dangerous, both for the wearer and for those near the wearer. I think the should be up on a shelf to be admired, but not worn, lest someone take a serious tumble and poke an eye out.

  12. Simply fabulous says:

    I love her style, she is so dark and rock & roll, and she is able to transform unwearable shoes in something you definly want to buy!
    Great post


  13. I forgot my blog, if you want to visit me :)

    I always look for talented blogger to network with!!

  14. Ugh I am obsessed with her! Love this post Alexis, I too would not be able to describe her in one paragraph nor describe why I am so obsessed with her and yes I would love to see what else is in her closet.

  15. I guess I’m intersted. And scared, to put it frankly.

  16. I’d seen Daphne’s images on the internet for quite some time and always saved to my inspiration folder or reblogged (on Tumblr), but up until sometime within the past few weeks I didn’t know her name. but since learning her true identity it’s been a lustful whirlwind! I’m in LOVE with every single one of her outfits! she’s everything I hope to someday be at her age; edgy, fearless, subtly well known, and still kick ass. I’d seriously LOVE to step into her closet!

    XO Sahra

  17. I LOVE Daphne Guinness and I wish I could go to New York just to see her personal collection!

  18. Great post. Daphne Guinness’s position as muse, influencer and one of the very few buyers and wearers of couture, means that an exhibition of her work will undoubtedly be a great and unique experience!

    It would be great to see this (and the Alexander McQueen exhibit) in the UK one day too…

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