Lately I have found myself in several conversations about inspiration.  That illusive word.  That word, that when present can create a masterpiece, but when missing has the power to inflict unspeakable pain.  Dramatic much?  Not to those who depend on these experiences…

My sister is an artist.  And she is able to find inspiration just about anywhere.  Lucky her.  I know.  I have a few of her pieces in my home and their depth is immediately visible.  She doesn’t just work with paint and canvas, she also invests herself.

There is no question that her art is inspired, but what I find most intriguing—her work is a source of inspiration for me.  The lesson I am learning is that inspiration is cyclical.  The key is to give as much as you take.  That way there is always more to go around…


And now that I have gloated about my sister, I thought I would share a few of her pieces here (I do not have the pleasure of owning any of these, but they inspire me nonetheless!):

"Fragmented Memory" (34.5 in. X 25.5 in.)


"Panamanian Silhouettes" (24 in. X 24 in.)


"Interior View" (29 in. X 34 in.)


"Silhouette of a Drunk Kuna" (38 in. X 28 in.)


What inspires you?  How do you translate that inspiration?



  1. Your sister is so talented! Funny, I just wrote about inspiration this morning too.

  2. omg her pieces are so strong and breathtaking, talent runs in the family!

  3. Oh! These are exquisite! My favorites are 1 and 3, with 3 taking the lead. Yes, I see the depth and complexity. I love what you say, Alexis, about giving as much inspiration as you take. Wise words, my dear.

  4. Happymother says:

    She is a real genius. I am overwhelmed.

  5. Love.

    I look for it everywhere. And I see it in all things good and bad. And that is what inspires me to write. I just sound weird.

  6. Oh, and your sister is AMAZING. AMAZING. AMAZING.

  7. I wouldn’t mind owning some of her pieces…. I too love 1 and 3 – they talk to me! Does she sell and would she send to the UK?

  8. Those are beautiful……your sister is very talented.

    My sister recently discovered passion for photography and I am absolutely stunned how talented she is with her camera. She sees things and details most of us miss.

    It might sounds corny, but my biggest inspiration are my kids and my nephews…..they had to go through so much in their short lives yet they keep me positive and grounded.

  9. wow, she is really talented!! I can see she has her own style, she’s an amazing artist!

  10. Nice pieces, I LOVE the “Panamanian silhouettes,” mixed medium? acrylic? I’m inspired by so much, basically nature.. we are encompassed by it everyday.

  11. Beautiful – such great talent! Very strong pieces.

  12. Wow! Those are absolutely gorgeous! I’d love to have some of those in my home!

  13. I think that everyone can be creative. We all have different talents. Obviously, your sister’s talents lie in fine arts… but don’t yours lie in writing? And aren’t you inspired to post here? : )

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