Karl Lagerfeld Does Macy’s

I have mentioned many times my love for Karl Lagerfeld.  He is the perfect example of the eccentric genius and he seems to have his hand in just about every artistic endeavor.  Of course it is the clothing that keeps us coming back for more.  Alas, as beautiful and thoughtful as it is on the runway, it often doesn’t agree with our bank accounts.  But Mr. Lagerfeld, being the mastermind that he is, even has a solution for that.

For the second time (the first was with H&M), Mr. Lagerfeld is creating a line with a price tag fit for the masses.  This time the collection is in conjunction with Macy’s and will be available in stores at the end of this month!  The clothing is chic, versatile (there are pieces that transition easily from work to play) and cost between $49 and $169 per item!   The line “Karl Lagerfeld For Impulse” is sure to please a lot of shoppers.

I love the fact that so many designers are taking their skills to stores more accessible to the general public.  For me these collections have such a great draw.  From the person who had only considered Lagerfeld an aspirational designer, to the runway-regular who wants to mix things up, these collections have a way of making just about anyone feel good.


Check out some of the pieces from Lagerfeld’s collection below:

What do you think of the collection?  How do you feel about designers creating collections geared towards the general public?


(all images via Karl Lagerfeld For Impulse)


  1. Love these! They are so fun! And ummm. . . .being that I am of the general public, I think this is a great idea. Because I like to look purty and fashionable too. Yes, sirry bob. Even if I am a knuckle head. I mean, when people see me they should say wow, that chic rocks, and find out later that I’m a total dork. Am I right? Or am I right?

  2. I love the grey zip up dress. I think its good that designers make their brand more accessible to the general public.

  3. I normally have not been a fan of Macy’s collabs – but this one is pretty exciting!

  4. I love the entire collection!

  5. I like it when designers collab with brands for the masses…That pink dress is mine!

  6. Love that pink dress! I’m always discombobulated when I go into Macy’s – they need someone like you to zazz up their styling!

  7. OH BOY!!! Thank you so much for sharing I had no idea this was happening!!! So happy 😀

  8. I’d probably wear the second & third looks! I’m a Karl fan, though usually have a slight reservation w/ many collaborations. Nice!

  9. I love this collection! And I really like it when designers create collections for general public. It means affordable cute clothes for us and being known by more people for them!

  10. These are great…some of my favorites yet. First and second are my favorites. Accessible is good!

  11. I love it! And I can’t wait to see these pieces at my local Macy’s – if they don’t sell out before I get there.

  12. Lovely collection. One of the best fall collections I’ve seen lately. I really love #3 and #4…..adorable.

  13. I love when designers do this. I’m loving those dresses (especially the zippered gray one). Also looking forward to Missoni & Target Squee!!!

  14. I really love the dusty pink dress and the belted one. I’m all for designers collaborating with high street fashion brands, as long as they keep in mind delivering quality items (at affordable prices). 😉

  15. I like all of them – though I think 1, 2, and 4 are my favorites. Fun, fall looks.

  16. Thanks for this… I haven’t paid much attention to the news about this collection because i don’t typically shop at Macy’s, but there are some cute pieces in the mix here! I’ll definitely be checking it out.

  17. The Velvet Hammer says:

    I am so in! Put any of those fabulous pieces in my closet, please! But, for those of you who truly are interested in purchasing this line, let me warn you: the last time Karl designed for H&M, they were sold out of ALL of his clothes in HOURS.

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