Looking At LOVE

All under 15.  Innocent.  All on the verge of amazing careers.  Talented.

Hailee Steinfeld, Elle Fanning and Chloe Moretz represent a new crop of Hollywood actors that are seemingly more thespian than drama queen.  Isn’t that a groundbreaking concept???

All three currently grace the cover of LOVE magazine as part of the “Super Natural” series.

The photos, by duo Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot, are stunning.  The romantic styling, the penetrating stares, the tears!  The portraits feel intimate, but in no way inappropriate (remember, these are young girls!).



Can’t help but wonder…. Where will they be in 10 years?



(All images via Huffington Post)


  1. Amazing covers! They are beautifully captured, not trying to make them look older or more mature than they are. Loved Hailee Steinfeld in True Grit.

  2. Yes they are so interesting looking and their priority is to act!

  3. The pictures are amazing! They look so young and innocent… but I guess I’m really curious to know where they will be in 10 years…

  4. Wow, what absolutely stunning photographs. They are such beautiful young women.

  5. I like the move away from drama queen! It will be interesting to see where they will be in 10 years.

  6. oooo pretty 😀

  7. All three of those girls are amazing! They are so talented now, I can’t even imagine in 10 years! The photos are awesome, they make the girls look sophisticated but it’s still totally age appropriate.

  8. i love how tasteful and talented these girls are compared to your average teenage movie star – they are accomplished, gorgeous, classy … they have it all! <3

  9. I love Mert and Marcus! And isn’t it refreshing, actors that act instead of OD and bare their private parts getting into cars? Love this post!


  10. Happymother says:

    All three girls are amazing. They look so innocent and the cover is beautiful!

  11. I saw their recent covers and so glad that you posted these, I loved all of the diverse covers actually. Time will surely fly by for them as they progress in the industry.
    *Perhaps I’ve been away, but I’m loving your new header dear. -xo

  12. I think they are all extremely beautiful! I wold LOVE to see what they look like in 10 years time. I hope that ‘LIFE’ in the fast lane wont ‘spoil’ them xx

  13. Yes, absolutely stunning….beautiful young girls…..lets hope they will make the right choices next 10 years

  14. Talent? What’s that? HA! Gorgeous photos!

  15. I love these photos. The girls are gorgeous. I much rather prefer the thespian type, anyway.

  16. Gorgeous.

  17. yes beautiful pictures and you’re right…I wonder where their careers will be in 10 years! They are starting so incredibly young.

  18. These are beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing with us. Chloe rules.

  19. Hopefully they don’t end up like Britney, or Lindsay Lohan. What movie has Elle Fanning been in? I didn’t even know Dakota had a sister? haha

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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