Making Tulle Cool

As far as I remember (and it is too late at night to call my mom and ask), I didn’t go through an extreme pretty princess phase.  I was much more interested in dressing up as Super Girl or playing a game where I was the boss (clearly I had control issues at a young age) and that typically had very little to do with being a princess (after all— the princesses of my childhood were always waiting for their prince to save them).  I never spent time imagining how my wedding would look (and when it actually did get engaged I found my dress at the first store, on the first day and then handed on most of the other responsibilities to my mother) and many of my childhood friends were boys.

Obviously things have changed some (HELLO— most of NoH’s content is especially girlie!), but I still gravitate towards things with an edge.

(Remember this?!?!)

So when I was scouring the internet for inspiration (as I often do), I was very excited to discover the blog Confashions from Kuwait with a focus on Arab designers.  And no, this is not just because my mom is Lebanese and I have a strong connection to my heritage (although I am sure that played a role in my digging deeper into the blog), but because I was introduced to Saudi designer Mohammed Ashi.

His designs are overtly feminine but at the same time have an edge— which is saying something, because this man works with tulle.

Below is one of my favorite looks from Mohammed Ashi—I am especially in love with how the necklace feels almost like armor atop these layers of tulle.  It is this girlie look meets rock and roll that I am so fond of today.

This is just one example of many, so check out the rest of the images here!


What do you think?  Has your aesthetic changed over the years?  How would you describe it now?


  1. Exquisite! I’m a huge fan of tulle, even in the semi-princess phases of my childhood. I do like edgier elements mixed in as well, hence my love of the last photo. Thanks for introducing us to a great designer.

  2. okay – i still can’t get over how amazing your outfit is – your ensemble is clearly the best in this spread :-) leather + tulle = girly perfection.

  3. I love this ….. for the person with the right figure to carry it off! If I still had mine (sigh…. I would certainly wear this).

    My fashion has changed somewhat over the years. I have always been quite classical – but always with something quirky added that defines ME! Now…. I am more into casual and comfort but still LIKE classical – although I tend to wear more ‘hippy, strange, outrageous, bright, different’ basically – wherever my mood takes me – and I don’t care what anybody else thinks. If I like it – I wear it!

  4. I LOVE tulle and love the dress by Mohammed Ashi {although I think it would take someone tall and slim as it’s one of those wear the dress before the dress wears you situations}. It’s such a thoughtful question that you raise. Sometimes I think that it’s more about the adventurousness of the person. If you are willing to change, take risks, and be adventurous, personal style will change. I like where you went with this Alexis. Hope you have a great weekend!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. Awesome. Edgy is right, but its still so completely feminine. I really like. I’m a bit of a tulle fan, though, I think.

  6. I think tulle is amazing. I don’t think I ever went through a pretty princess phase either. My sister and I were both more tomboys and spent more time playing games with boys outside. Shasie of Live Life in Style

  7. I love them – though I don’t think my legs are quite as long as the models (which could possibly explain why she’s the model and I’m *not* ) But I like them nevertheless.
    I’ve always been edgy with fashion. I wear what I like, when I like. I mix things which others may not. This began in high school and is still going strong. I suppose I’ve always been the rebel type 😉

  8. I adore this kind of juxtaposition!!! The necklace does look like armor.

  9. I love that dress! Some Hollywood star should wear it to the Oscars or some equally important event to give the designer some exposure!

  10. Her designs are stunning. And my aesthetic is constantly changing! I feel like I am into something new every week. The one thing that is better, is that I care less what people think and dress more to just please myself!

  11. That dress is magically beautiful and I love the necklace, too! I am all about being girlie while adding some edge, and you know how obsessed I am with accessories!

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