NoH Does: Studious Style

SATURDAY!!!!!  I say that excitedly, but alas with Lukus running a club it doesn’t really mean weekend.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t be excited with this week’s NoH Does.  Especially with this week’s feature blogger, Barbro Andersen— but more on her in a minute.

This week’s topic is Studious Style and is all about the collegiate cool look.  Or at least the clothes we like to think we would have worn in college, but are probably more likely to wear today—- or at least that is how it works in my case!  (Confession, during the school day I was most likely to wear some sort of ribbed tank with yoga style pants or a cotton skirt with flip-flops in college… I also lived in Florida, but that only justifies the flip-flops.)

Of course, I am much more likely to wear the Studious Style in my contemporary life.  And with good reason- it is chic, stylish and of course smart.

Don’t believe me, check out Barbro:

She’s got the oxford style shoes, the thick tights, a professor style cardigan and even a little plaid!  Am I the only one thinking Ivy League?

I am especially excited to feature Barbro (of, as she was just named the Nokia & Elle Style Correspondent for New York Fashion Week!  Pretty cool, right?  She is a Norwegian personal style blogger, with an attitude towards fashion that is far from average.  I am always inspired by the risks she takes in taking her looks to the next level.

What do you think of Barbro’s look?  If you are interested in being featured in next week’s NoH Does be sure to check out Monday’s post for the topic!



  1. It’s a really cool look, definitely can see your Ivy League reference in the outfit

  2. Her collegiate look is amazing! I would have not worn that in college (more of a jeans and t-shirt type) but I would definitely wear something like that now. It is exciting that she is a correspondent for NY Fashion Week!

  3. I love the shoes and the stockings and the long jersey –

  4. her collegiate ensemble is A+!!!!

  5. Um, sexiest school girl ever! I definitely wore sweatpants, hoodies & boots (Michigan weather…)

  6. Oh, wow, this is such a great feature – I’m really flattered! Thank you so much, sweetie! I’m glad you like it! All of you guys 😀

  7. I love her outfit! I would wear that for sure if I was in college.

  8. So cute! I love the shoes!! Great job to Barbro!

  9. Love the shoes so much.

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