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It seems the satchel is popping up everywhere.  And yes, it is a classic.  However, there seems to be some new attention being paid to it.  Oh, and if you are wondering what makes a satchel a satchel? Imagine a soft-sided bag with a long strap, a roomy interior and flap.  Are we all on the same page now?  Good.  For those of you who are still struggling with this, think about the bag carried by Indiana Jones.  Ahh… now we can move on.


Back to the reemergence of the satchel:

Let’s be clear- satchels have been around for a very long time.  Like I said before- they are classic.  But, they have gained additional popularity recently- and not just among the schoolboy set.  Satchels are incredibly functional (as in they carry a ton of stuff and your hands can stay free), plus they are easy on the eyes (because they are available in a multitude of styles).  Meaning there is a satchel out there for just about anyone, but not at the risk of looking like everyone else.  Just the way I like my bags…

Where To Shop:

This is it!!!!!!!!!!!!! This week’s topic of NoH Does is SATCHELS!!!  So, if you would like to be featured in the Saturday’s NoH Does post please send me a photo of your satchel (and you!!!).  If you write a blog or have some other online presence, please remember to include the link in your email… So SEND ME YOUR PHOTOS!!!


  1. Both the metallic and suede satchels are calling to me…

  2. the last one is really pretty! and the blue one as well!!!

  3. I love the bright purple one!

  4. I LOVE the brown leather one!!! I could SOOOOO see myself with one!

  5. I was on the satchel wagon when the PS1 first came out, but I’m kind of over it now. Lots of women tell me that they don’t think it’s comfortable for them. I’m kinda leaning toward the big Hobo, which I think will be coming back in soon as everyone tires of the satchel. But it is a cute look!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. The suede satchel has my name written all over it….I love it. I have a similar one from Coach, but a girl can never have too many satchels, right?

  7. I especially like the suede – but all of them appeal to me.
    I have a messenger (from the “young mens” dept LOL) which I cart around. I call it my suitcase. It’s a bit awkward at times, but I could no doubt use it to defend myself!

  8. Love satchel and these look fab, Have a camel Marc Jacobs one but realising its not quite deep enough and spills stuff every time i put it down…

  9. I love satchels! So functional… yet so cute! My favorites are the silver one and the one with the yellow straps!

  10. That J. Crew number is so awesome!

  11. Tee Hee… living with a house full of boys, my mind goes to the movie “The Hangover” where one of the guys insists that his bag is not a man-purse, it is a “satchel!”

  12. Loving the one with touches of yellow. These would be great for school AND add some style.

  13. Now this reminds me of my childhood. My mom used to have the best satchels, and she even used to buy me matching ones. Love them! I’m thinking I want one, I totes love this style.

  14. Love the satchel look. But still carry an LV Monogram Vernis tote:).

  15. I like the brown leather one. I have a cloth satchel I picked up in Harajuku I intend to use until it wears out.

  16. Yay, done! Emailed you, Alexis 😀

  17. That cambridge satchels and replicas of it are so popular amongst bloggers. I keep wondering where and how everyone has one, because I don’t see them in stores.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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