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So my little sister starts college this week.  This is slightly baffling for me, because I thought she’d stay little forever.  Plus it makes me feel quite old…

Quintessential College Style: Ali MacGraw in "Love Story"

But once I got past that, I had every chic classic collegiate fashion moment running through my head.  And I can’t help but get a little inspired for fall.  I mean can you blame me?  Oxfords, blazers, cute sweaters, a little plaid—takes me right into the next season.  The key of course is not to be too literal, just like with any trend, make it your own.

For me, any of these items would do:

Where To Shop:



Think you have the perfect collegiate look?  Send it in for this week’s NoH Does!  All photos are due by Friday (August 19th), if you have a blog or website please include that info in your email (  Then come back Saturday to see successful interpretations of the trend.


  1. i have to say, your picks are spot on.

  2. This makes me wish I was 18 again – ah the excitement of going off to school! If only I could’ve afforded those awesome Burberry loafers and L.A.M.B. slacks! Adore your collegiate picks!

  3. All the girls where I went to school wore Uggs and sweatpants to class everyday. I vowed I NEVER would. My very first day of class, I wore a pair of cute heels, and the heel BROKE a mile across campus from my dorm. The next day I wore uggs and sweatpants. 😉 😉
    I’m totally feeling the preppy look right now, which is odd for me. I love those pants!

  4. I love the shoes!!!

    I use to LOVE shopping for new clothes for school! Those looks are really great!

  5. I’m totally digging those pants.

    And umm, I remember wearing mostly boxers, tshirts, jeans, & flannels in college. lol

  6. I’m so ready to start wearing pumps with stockings-love those Burberry ones!

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Loving your picks I would probably wear them all….super chic way to start a new year. When I was in school, wearing a cute outfit helped me get over dreading going to class.

  8. I think fashion has changed somewhat or maybe it’s just me :)

  9. Especially lovin those plaid skinny pants 😉

  10. My college years might be way….way….way….behind me, but I am in love with those pumps.

  11. Ahhh, I LOVE Love Story! Her style was so, so good.

  12. Cute pick for NOH Does! I love when other people pull off school looks, but not on me!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  13. My oldest niece just left for college. I love those shoes!

  14. Happymother says:

    I adored Ali MacGraw in this movie. Her style was absolutely fabulous. I like the shoes very much.Btw, can’t believe that Ariel is going to College!!!

  15. Loving the knit cardigan!!

  16. I’m in college! And… I’m totally loving that cardigan and the blazer! For the most part I wear cute skirts and capris…

  17. EEEP… my wallet just cowered in the corner… I promised her a break :( Your post is making me regret that :)

    I know the feeling about siblings and college… my youngest bro is a senior in HS this year… I will totally cry when we’re all out of my parents’ house!


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