Veiled Beauty

I know a lot of people have seen these photos, but I couldn’t help myself…. Legendary (and somewhat infamous) model, Kate Moss, had an absolutely beautiful wedding.  Okay, well I don’t know about the wedding.  For all I know the ceremony was complete gibberish.  But she looked beautiful.  Her dress was gorgeous.  And her veil…. Stunning.

And yes.  I know the stigma surrounding the dress.  After all, it was designed by John Galliano (who was videotaped drunk, spouting off anti-Semitic rhetoric in a café).  And trust me, I think his behavior was absolutely disgusting.

But the veil… it’s magical.

Image via News Fashion Trend.


Image via Pop On The Pop.


Image via The Daily Mail.

Aside from the controversy, what do you think of Kate Moss’ look?



  1. I love the look and it suits her personal style perfectly with a boho edge to it. Absolutely stunning!

  2. I think the whole look suit her well. I can understand the controversy surrounding it, but I believe I heard that they are good friends. Who knows what her viewpoint is on the issue.

  3. She looks like an absolute dream – despite JG’s retched behavior, I can’t deny his creative genius.

  4. Perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  5. So I live under a rock, apparently, because I haven’t seen these pictures yet. She looks lovely! The veil is absolutely gorgeous. And as for Galliano, it’s so unfortunate that the man did what he did, but I’ll always love Galliano the designer. Those beautiful clothes can’t be blamed, I say!

  6. Oh my!! Its gorgeous!!!

  7. She looks beautiful and I absolutely adore her dress.

  8. She looks gorgeous! I’ve heard a little about the style controversy over her dress/veil choice & I just don’t get it.

    (The Galliano controversy is another matter. His behavior is appalling. His designs can be beautiful, but the behavior he exhibited, is really ugly…)

  9. I actually haven’t heard about the controversy, but her dress is lovely and the veil is truly something!

  10. I love all the sparkles! She looks gorge.

  11. ahh fashion…always the center of controversy. I don’t really get into celeb and royal weddings, but thanks for sharing this post, because I had no idea what she wore, but she does look amazing. What do you think of all the hype, pomp, and circumstance of Kim’s wedding.
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  12. she look like a princess :X Her dress is so beautiful

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