Window Shopping at Prada Marfa

Fashion as Art is a pretty common theme here on North On Harper.  Typically this conversation is based on a runway show or a fashion editorial.  But today,  we have something all together different.

We have Prada Marfa:

Confused?  Baffled?  Looking forward to an opportunity to shop at the Prada Marfa store during your next cross-country drive?

Well don’t be—on all fronts.

This is actually a permanent art instillation in Valentine,  Texas.  Unveiled in October 2005 and created by art duo Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset,  Prada Marfa (created with the blessing and help from Miuccia Prada) is a faux store.  Located in the middle of nowhere (best way of finding it is via GPS coordinates: 30° 36′ 12.37″ N, 104° 31′ 6.52″ W),  this sculpture has attracted the attention of many a style-starved-road-warrior.  In the window actual Prada wears from the Fall/Winter 2005 collection are displayed.  However,  on closer inspection hungry shoppers find themselves disappointed.  While there are actual Prada wares inside the store,  there are no functional doors or other means of accessing them.  The artists’ intention is for Prada Marfa to stand permanently untouched,  allowing it to naturally deteriorate over time.


What do you think of this concept? If you were driving by,  how would you react?


(For additional information on the image, click on it!)


  1. wow!that’s a good one! for sure I’de like to see it from up close!
    The first thing I wondered is how anyone didn’t break the windows, but Wikipedia informs me that it was indeed broken in once!
    I like seeing fashion as art. It’s actually a form of pop art!

  2. haha, this is so cool! Dont they havea Prada Marfa sign on Gossip Girl, in the van der Woodsen’s apartment?

  3. I think it’s fantastic! Crazy and wonderful. I so want to drive by, stop my car and press my forehead against the windows. Too cool!

  4. what an awesome concept! I think if I was driving along I would think it might be a mirage – or an answer to my road trip prayers! Sigh, too bad it’s just an art installation and not the real thing :-)

  5. If I were driving by, I would probably freak, break and cause an accident. It is like a fashion oasis in the desert. I love the concept and I would love to see how it “deteriorates” over time…I simply love it.


  6. I love you for posting this. I’ve seen this picture before but never with an actual explanation about WHAT it is. I always thought it was a photoshopped image – I had no idea it is an actual sculpture. Fascinating. I want to go check it out!

  7. This is freakin’ amazing. I need to go here!!!

  8. That’s so cool! I love the idea! So creative and so ingenious! It really is like a fashion oasis in the desert!

  9. thats nifty 😛

  10. Happymother says:

    It is a great idea- I would love to see this place !

  11. Oh wow that is crazy…Buy why let them deteriorate!!!! Give them to me!

    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  12. Lauren nicole says:

    This is so cool! What a great concept! Can’t wait to see it in 20 yrs!

  13. Actually, I think this is really weird. I just don’t understand the reasoning behind it ;(

  14. by the way, that comment was me 😛 ^^^^

  15. haha! I love this and love it even more that Muiccia gave the blessing. How interesting in Texas as well? I want to go there!

  16. That would make for a killer photo sesh location! Love the concept!

  17. Good question! It’s kind of like being on the road, really hungry and smelling french fries, driving up to the only joint in town only to find out that they just ran out. It feels like a hipster fashion joke…on us.

    xo Mary Jo

  18. I think it’s really neat. I would stop and take tons of my boys pictures in front of it…..cause that’s what I do. I stop in random places and make them pose. Poor dudes they are getting used to it.

  19. LOVE THIS!!! I’ve seen this picture (or a similar) and really thought it was a mock! So great that it’s real and love the thoughts behind it. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. I have always wanted to go see this installation. It’s cool and artistic yet wasteful. But that’s probably part of it’s message. That as lovely and artistic as we try to be, it’s even more difficult to not be wasteful. Maybe it’s just my take on it. :) I am sooooo taking pictures if I get to see this.

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