Wine Of The Week (43)

Are we seriously in the middle of August?  I am not sure where the first 2 weeks went.  Strangely enough we’ve had a relatively mild summer, so part of me still feels like I am gearing up for summer.  But before I wax poetically about the changing of the seasons, let’s turn our attention to this week’s wine (I promise this is for the benefit of all!).

David sent today’s suggestion in the form of an urgent text message informing me he had just left a tasting with a winemaker and had the perfect wine for this week’s suggestion.  Described by David as “super cool and awesome especially for about $15 a bottle,” the wine is the 2009 Selvagrossa Muschen for Italy’s Marche region on the Adriatic Sea.  This is a smart red that is characterized both by its sass and its structure.


I’ve just gotta ask— am I the only one totally befuddled by the passing of time over the last two week?


  1. I too cannot believe it’s middle of August. I almost don’t want to say, but Halloween, & Christmas will be looming before you know it, no? lol
    *Sass & structure, will take note on this wine. Thanks!

  2. I love this wine of the week!! I am always on the look out for new and fabulous wines (and ways to best husband in the wine dept). Will definitely be on the look out for this.

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