Wine of The Week (44)

Another Sunday, another wine.  You would think I would be a complete lush by now.  Fortunately, I have maintained my ability to stand up straight… an accomplishment in my 20s just as it was at age 1.

David has a pretty hot wine picked out for us today— as in the grape that makes this wine is grown at the base of Mt. Etna, an active Volcano!  It is the 2008 Terre Nere Etna Rosso Tenuta.  Think of it as the burgundy of Sicily.  It is an elegant wine that David enjoyed with pork belly and orrecchiette.  But at about $16 you can have it with whatever you want!



  1. We had some delish Chilean wine this weekend!

  2. Whoa, a volcano grape!? Crazy!

  3. I should totally be compiling all these wines, with your lovely descriptions, into a list. Why am I not doing that? I will!

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