Wine of The Week (45)

I am letting you know in advance: I am breaking the $25 a bottle max on today’s Wine Of The Week.  I have a bottle that is going to cost you $27. But before you get all huffy about it, allow me to explain.

The wine David has suggested is Andrea Calek’s Blonde, NV.  And this is no ordinary wine— oh and Andrea Calek is no ordirnary vintner either.

Calek dresses in goth, rents a bit of land in the Rhône where he grows his grapes and lives in a trailer.  Clearly, quite the character.

Now assuming the above description hasn’t already convinced you to by a bottle, allow me to tell you about the wine.  This is a white wine (err… blonde!) made of a chardonnay and viognier grapes.  Calek practices a philosophy of adding nothing to and taking nothing from his wines.  Consequently the wine is cloudy like a beer. And because it goes through a second fermentation process (like a champagne) it has a slightly carbonated quality (also, like a beer).

This is definitely one of those wines you open up and it isn’t just the alcohol that gets people talking.


  1. Something I wouldn’t mind trying :)

  2. I tried a local blueberry wine this weekend. It was sweet, but delish!

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