All Laced Up

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There have been many occasions where I’ve espoused my love for all things footwear.

Okay.  Not all things.  I have an actual vendetta against whoever sells shoes to my father.  You,  my dear sales person,  are committing crimes against fashion.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to convince my father that just because a shoe feels good,  does not mean it looks good?  Brokering world peace would be more simple…

Sorry.  I have been holding that in for a while now. But it feels good to let it out.

Instead,  lets talk about shoes I do like.  Specifically boots.  Black ones.  With heels. And laces.

Are you with me?

Well,  here are some of my favorites (from the attainable to the aspirational):

Where To Shop:


  1. So hott! I wish I had more reasons to dress up a little. Class is just not good enough for these babies.

  2. Umm… LOVE this trend! <3 I'll take the Dior in a size 8? Do pass that along to my boy toy :-)

  3. I am in love with the Dior – so special – just found you thanks to Mary Jo – loved your answers not to mention the outfit x

  4. I have a pair very similar from vera wang. I love this style for fall, especially paired with a chunky knit and skirt/shorts. xoxo

  5. Happymother says:

    I love boots. My favorite boots is very comfortable, flat and it is a Jimmy Choo!

  6. OMG.. PREACH!! I have the same problem with my mom and her hideously ugly ‘comfortable’ shoes….

    I love those Vera Wang boots :)

  7. Ariel Blake Schulze says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! SOOOO TRUE about the Dad thing!!!!!!
    LOVEEEE these shoes!!!!!!

  8. Yes! I do love the trend and finally broke out my pair that I had squirreled away during summer :)

    xo Mary Jo

  9. I really like the “Bright Actress” Kenneth Cole boots & for once I didn’t choose the most expensive ones shown :)

  10. Ooooo I can’t decide which one I like best….

  11. I’m kinda diggin’ the Sam Edelmans!

  12. I am so addicted to boots its insane! I bought some olive green/tan colored Kelsi Dagger’s that are similar to the Sam’s last year & I can’t wait to pull them out again :-)

  13. I can so see you wearing all of these :)

  14. maria guadalupe castañon mata says:

    i like, the boots vera wang

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