Fashion Week Wears

The great thing about Fashion Week is that anything goes.  Literally anything:

On that note, I have been getting lots of questions asking what I wore at Fashion Week.  And because I am such a generous spirit,  I thought I would share a few of the looks with you:

So the weather was all over the place while I was in New York.  One day hot,  next day cold and so on and so on.  This DvF dress was perfect for one of the particularly hot days.  And while it is a little sweeter than I tend to dress,  it was fun to mix it up.  Oh!  The earrings are from Metal Earth Studios,  I received them from a giveaway hosted by Jody over at About Last Weekend.

This was my look for one of the cooler days.  I love this cardigan.  And yes,  I know it is incredibly loud.  But who doesn’t love a little sequin?!  Seriously,  it brings back memories of being a little kid and playing dress-up.  It’s just an adult version of it.  The key of course is keeping it simple.  I paired it with a white tank,  Current and Elliot jeans and a pair of neutral heels.

Sometimes the look is all about the accessories.  I paired a simple silk black shirt-dress and then piled on the accessories.  The shoes are Giles Deacon for NineWest,  the sunglasses are Karen Walker,  the cuff is Hermes,  the bracelets are vintage and the watch is ToyWatch USA.  Do you like the watch?  You should, it is kind of amazing… and if you know me well enough you know I don’t brag without purpose… (But you are going to have to come back tomorrow to find out more!)


What do you guys think?  Do I get your seal of approval?




  1. you look amazing! so jeal of your Karen Walker sunnies and Hermes cuff! <3

  2. You get my seal of approval for sure. Love the sequined cardigan and the black outfit. I love wearing all black and then taking it to the next level. The Hermes cuff is divine.

  3. You look lovely, Alexis. Love the dress and the sequin cardigan (I’m surprised of that myself), you’ve paired it perfectly! And as I loooove watches, my favourite accessory, I don’t leave the house without it, I will be back tomorrow. 😉

  4. Oh yes! You looked so great! My fave was the maroon and white dress, or was it the sequin jacket that was totally blingin’. Of course the last look was pretty fresh, with your shades and mischevious look. . . .you look good in anything :)

    But ummm. . .someone please tell that dude in pic #3, the yellow plaid hammer pants. . . .not such a good look.

  5. Love your black dress outfit–the whole look is great! And great glasses!

    xo Mary Jo

  6. Great outfits! Sequins are totally like playing dress up as an adult- so fun! Love the DVF dress too :)

  7. Definitely get my seal of approval. You look great! That dress is adorable (I gravitate towards the sweet) and I have to admit, I have a soft spot for sequins too. 😀

  8. Happymother says:

    I love all styles. You look so beautiful. I’m very impressed.

  9. You’re so adorable! I love the shoes with your red dress!

  10. I think you looked amazing!!!! Well done! I love the fact that everyone at the fashion week is individual and themselves :)

  11. I love the looks and love the pictures. I give you my seal of approval.

  12. You look so lovely, but you always do! On the other hand you were not kidding when you said “everything goes”. Is the guy wearing pants or very long kilt?

  13. I love that ladies hat. It is screaming all kinds of awesome :-) I love the second look. Anything sequin is always ok in my book.

  14. Forget the watch — I need those sunglasses!!!!!!!!!!

  15. yay! great photos hun, I actually am a fan of that burgundy dress, what a nice print and the colour looks lovely on you. The last photo is my favourite though. well done you= approved. :)

  16. i think your looks are great. your shiny blue cardi is just my style.

  17. How fabulous do you look!!!!! – and thanks so much for the shout out! Sorry didn’t get to you sooner, have been walking around new York too. Hope to go a week earlier next year and do fashion week! Will pass this onto Rebeccca and Meghan pf Metal Earth – they will be thrilled by how gorgeous you look in them.

  18. Love your outfits!! Great styling, my dear :)

  19. You get my seal of approval! Funny, I was just thinking about how much I like sequins…


  20. Woooooah. That cuff! Gawsh gorgeous. Love the variety in you outfits…did NOT like the variety in the weather during NYFW.

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