Jeremy Laing’s Personal Perspective

Out of the many fashion shows I saw in New York,  Jeremy Laing’s S/S 2012 Collection was perhaps the most unique.

The looks were neither tailored,  quirky or pastel. (Not that there is anything wrong with that. My best friends describe me as tailored,  quirky and pastel.  Okay,  that’s a lie.  But they could and I wouldn’t mind.)

The pieces were full of movement.  They were soft,  yet strong (utilitarian?  Post-apocolyptic?  Both?).  The palate was earthy (nothing pink here!)

It was an intelligent and cohesive collection.  I love that Jeremy Laing didn’t feel the pressure to follow the trends of other design houses—that he stayed true to his perspective.  And while I don’t think my frame would support all of the volume (I may have a big mouth,  but the rest of me is small!), there are definitely pieces that could be added to my wardrobe.

I loved the low, scooped backs, the sheer fabrics and the belted details.  Enough about what I loved.  What do you think of Jeremy Laing’s collection?


  1. I LOVE the first outfit. So chic and comfy. :)

  2. your summation is absolutely perfect – i just wish i had the svelte frame to support these utilitarian pieces!

  3. I love how everything just flows. It breaths. It does feel very connected to the earth, like the clothing is a part of a bigger element. Beautiful.

  4. ooohhh…the third one with the jacket belted over the skirt is like….i’m lost for words. this is definitely one of the best at fashion week this year. everything is beautiful–thanks for sharing!

  5. I really like the one-shoulder dress!

  6. I like it–sort of relaxed fashion forward and looks like it would work on the westcoast too.

    xo Mary Jo

  7. Some of it kind of reminds me of a very sophisticated 90s grunge. Or maybe that’s just me.

  8. I also love the scoop on the back of that first photo. The one shoulder is gorgeous too!

  9. Few of these remind me of my college years in Europe during the 80’s. I wish I had the figure of my college years to enjoy them now as well,lol. I really like #4.

  10. I loved that! Especially the one-shoulder dress. Fabulous!


  11. All beautiful pieces. My favorite is the first for sure. But don’t think my DD’s could handle not wearing a bra. Hahahaha.

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