Jill Stuart’s Sassy Shoes

I know,  I have teased you about Jill Stuart for days now.  It was wrong of me.  I admit- sort of.  But the reality is I was just building anticipation for a collection that I believe deserves all the hype.

Jill Stuarts collection made me think of lounging by the pool at some swanky art-deco Palm Springs hotel.  Seriously that was the exact image I had stuck in my head as the candy &  pastel colored garments came down the  runway.  And I loved every sweet bite of it.

 Photos by Alessando Viero/GoRunway.com via Style.com  

BUT,  it was the shoes that had me on the real sugar-high!  Seriously amazing.  In fact,  these shoes were so amazing that I took several photos of them as they came down the runway.

And for your viewing pleasure I have assembled them here:



What do you think of the Jill Sander’s shoes?  Who’s with me about the art-deco hotel in Palm Springs?


  1. I’m dying over the gorgeous color palette!

  2. I LOVE these shoes and I love the colours!

  3. I love these looks!! Can’t wait for Spring! hahahaa
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  4. They’re all so gorgeous – I can’t decide which ones I like best!

  5. Very art deco. Lovely!

  6. Love the colors…..love all the pieces. I am so with you about the art-deco hotel. The shoes are truly amazing. I don’t think there is a pair I don’t like.

  7. Love the yummy colors.

  8. I literally said “mmmmmm” out loud when I saw the pictures! Gorgeous! And if that’s an invite to Palm Spring yay I’m in

  9. LOOOOOOOOOVE. I have no words for just mmmm’s of approval and desire! Seriously beautiful clothes and shoes that look so joyful.

  10. YUMMMM! Okay I am kinda obsessing over those colors. LOVE!

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