Lessons From Fashion Week

As you read this I am flying back to California from my whirlwind trip to New York.  Exhausted.  Fashion week was utterly fabulous and I have many more photos and stories and things to share with you.

But for now, as many move onto London and I return to L.A., I thought it would be fun to share some of the lessons I learned this Fashion Week.

Always Travel With A Snack. Whether it be some sort of bar or some granola make sure to put it in your bag.  Attending fashion shows is a fast paced experience.  It is very easy to get wrapped up in the hoopla of it all, forgetting to eat.  I can’t tell you how many times my only meal came in the form of passed appetizers at an evening event.  So make sure you pack a snack.  Because I am pretty sure passing out on the steps of Lincoln Center counts as a fashion faux pas.

Bandages.  Lots of them.  I recommend the fabric version (they seem to stay on better than the waterproof ones).  You will be doing a lot of rushing between venues.  This wouldn’t be a big deal if you chose to wear running shoes.  I, on the other hand, went with lots of tall heels.  As a result I suffered from many a blister, only relieved by a properly placed bandage.  (Bonus advice— Pack flats.  Switch into them while traveling from show-to-show.  Your feet will thank you.)

Back Up Outfits.  Weather is unpredictable.  It will happen.  You will be expecting one set of temperatures (say low 70s) and you will get two separate extremes (rainy and chilly the first few days/humidity & 80s+ the next).  I found myself struggling some days to make outfits from cute outfits I originally planned.  Follow the weather up until the last second and then still prepare for a range.  That or travel with built in time/money to shop.  You are going to need options.

Create A Schedule.  All my shows were written out in a list separated by days.  From there they were in time order with the name of the show and its location included.  This was good.  Better would have been a sheet with that information, color categorized with location (eg Lincoln Center-green, Milk-orange, Other-purple).  Plus I would have included all my confirmation #s on it, so that I wasn’t constantly scrolling through my phone trying to find them.  On that note… make sure all your invites are easily accessible (either on your phone or in hard copy format), this makes getting in and out of venues much quicker. (Bonus advice— assume everything will run late.  Best-case scenario shows started 15 minutes late, worst-case they began 40 minutes late.)

Enjoy The Clothing.  I know.  This seems so obvious.  But with the actual runway shows and presentation being a very small portion of each day (typically runways shows lasted about 15 minutes) it is easy to forget what you are actually doing there.  This is an opportunity to get a sneak peek at the next season’s fashions.  These shows are the result of a huge number of hours and manpower focused on creating a memorable event.  Fashion truly is an art form and seeing it at a show is seeing it as the artist intended.  Take it in, you may be seeing the next iconic clothing/accessory article.  Enjoy those 15 minutes.  And be sure to applaud those who made it happen.

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed my Fashion Week advice (especially those of you with plans to attend future seasons!).  I know it is an adventure that I hope to repeat over and over again.

If you attended this or any other fashion week, what advice would you give?  If not, did you find anything surprising in my description?


  1. I don’t know how soon I will have the chance to attend a fashion week, but I liked your advice about making sure to take in the beauty of a presentation and of the clothes, to just live the show. Have a wonderful weekend! xo

  2. Haha, I forgot about the bandaids! Back when I wore heels daily I carried them around in the zipper part of my purse. My how times have changed! Hope you had a fun time!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Attending a fashion week is something I would never think to do – and I’ve so enjoyed hearing about it from you! Great traveling advice period – no matter the destination.
    I’d like to see some photos of what you wore! Bet you looked smashing :-)

  4. Great advice!!! So fun to see all the pictures – especially seeing the mass chaos in the press section!! :) I love your blog!!!


  5. Sage advice!! The rain really sent me for a loop but happily it passed after two days and I was back on to my regularly scheduled outfits. I am also a huge fan of the bandaid blister blockers- they are padded and work really well to prevent blisters!

  6. Fashion Week is one of my biggest dreams =) I’m looking forward to the day I’m able to attend. Wow the photogs are squeezed together pretty tight! As far as back-up outfits goes I’d probably just pack a neutral cardigan in case of cooler weather.

  7. Great tips! If I ever make it there one day I will remember these!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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