Yesterday I had the pleasure of checking out the up and coming design house:  NAHM.  The line designed by Nary Manivong and Ally Hilfiger (yes, as in Tommy Hilfiger’s daughter) was shown as a presentation at Milk Studios.

The collection itself was very sweet with feminine and retro touches:

(Images by Amanda De Simone/ via

But,  thanks to the wonderful Tony Wang of Post.Fashionism,  I had the opportunity to sneak backstage as the show was prepped.

As you can imagine,  this experience was an amazing bustle of energy.  When you watch a show (hopefully) everything goes so smoothly,  it is as though you are aware of nothing more than the clothes being shown.

Of course the reality is much more involved.  There are so many elements that have to be coordinated in order to make sure the final product is near perfection.

Here is a glimpse at some of that action:

Also,  because they are the often-unsung heroes of the fashion show,  I thought I would share some of the people/teams from behind the event:

  •  Production: MHT Productions
  • Styling: Lester Garcia at Total Management
  • Casting: Communa-K Inc.
  • Hair: Jon Reyman for Aveda Advanced Academy
  • Make Up: Nadine Luke and the MAC Pro Team
  • Nails: CND
  • Shoes: The Frye Company
  • Jewelry: Pamela Love

Anything surprise you about the backstage action?  What is your favorite detail?


  1. These pieces are awesome, and so wearable. I love the collars and navajo-ish looking prints on the dresses. Definitely something I would invest in, thanks so much for sharing! <3
    I'm so excited for you! did you like Milk Studios? I think it's such a cool venue. I was literally next door to you at Jeffrey during the show!

  2. Very nice!! dESIGN RUNS IN THE FAMILY!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  3. Ooooo I love these. They are so my taste too I love pretty things (do you see what I did there?)

  4. I just love all of them – so pretty. The girls all looks so waif like.

  5. I love the relaxed look of this collection. What an awesome experience! xoxo

  6. This is so awesome. I’ve never been to a show, let alone backstage! Very cool!!! And I adore that big bow.

  7. Backstage?! That’s so awesome!!!

  8. It’s so much fun being backstage at a fashion show! I used to love it. It is really fun, more fun than the actual show I think! Though kind of stressful too. Glad you had fun and thanks for sharing.


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