Recycled Wears: Guerra De La Paz

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Usually when the word Art is used in conjunction with clothing we are talking Haute Couture.  But not this time people!  This time the art comes from the quarter bin at your local thrift store…

This is the artwork of Cuban art-duo Guerra De La Paz,  made up of Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz.

From their website:

“Through common aesthetic,  we create work with a universal message.  Using recycled objects as our medium and the guidance of the unrelenting amounts of information that fuels today’s mass consciousness and it’s sobversice parallels.  Allowing us to explore ways to reinvent historic themes and classic icons while still commenting on contemporary culture.”

Still with me?  Good.

I chose a few pieces that I found particularly interesting for their use of dyed &  recycled clothing that has been used to create interesting and thought provoking sculptures.



What do you think?  Love it?  Hate it?  Already have a favorite?


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  1. these pieces are gorgeous – and very eco friendly! I can’t believe these are all recycled materials!

  2. Oh. NO DOUBT. I love it.

  3. I love the first piece – have definitely seen old clothing re-used, but not made into art like this! What a fantastic idea! I might have to blog this for Feel Good Style as well.

  4. Love the pink flower! And the idea. Although I work with so much vintage, the thought of having a bunch of worn clothes hanging above my head would probably freak me out too much, lol.

  5. Very different. Maybe not my style but it’s kind of cool.

  6. The second to last one is definitely my favorite. So beautiful!

  7. I find them all interesting – though honestly the second one reminds me of something from “Alien” I think I like the first one best.:-)

  8. I love it! Where is it on display? How fun would it be to go to that exhibit!


  9. The first photo is very interesting and beautiful, but I absolutely love the cherry blossom tree.

  10. I really like the first one. Something I would actually frame & hang in my closet.

  11. The tree is ! The rest – don’t talk to me!

  12. Wow, I wonder how the first one feels in person. Have to say the 2nd one is my favorite though.

  13. Oh I totally saw this on ecotuerre and loved the pieces! I think they all have their own mood which is so interesting considering they are just hanging clothing. Love that you are highlighting this installation with great ethics.

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