Runway To Room: London Street Style

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I can’t believe London Fashion Week came and went without me covering any of it.  Bad fashion blogger, bad!

Well, I am looking to redeem myself now with another installment of the Runway To Room— London street style edition.

Photo by Mr. Newton for Harper's Bazaar.

I love that the look is clearly mod, clearly cool and an utterly daring color combination.

The below rooms also possess a graphic element that gives a nod to the 60’s with the same bright colors that make the above photo equally eye-catching.

(For source info click on the above images…)

What do you think of the rooms?  How about the inspiring image?

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  1. I’ve always wanted to use those colors in a little girl’s nursery…Weird?

  2. London Fashion Week was amazing! i was luicky enough to attend alot of shows and it was awesome :)

  3. That is a gorgeous colour combination, have tried it myself yesterday (!) and absolutely loved it. Only I had that shade of yellow skirt, white shirt, black tights and ballerinas and a scarf in a print combining all these colours. :)
    PS: loved your Eye On Style feature. So very chic. :)

  4. The final picture is my favourite room I think its because it looks like it’s in the attic. I didn’t cover any of fashion week either… it always flies by too quickly to be honest..

  5. wow! black, white and yellow make for a great color combination. love the living room and that art piece behind the bed as well.

  6. Love that combo, I was going to get one of those tables from Shine, wish now I had. And also loving that black and white knife poster. (Belated thank you for shout out for earings, lovely post on your time at Fashion Week, sounded very fun)

  7. I love that big fork!

  8. Love the color combo in the clothes and in the room –I want a giant fork =)

  9. The rooms are gorgeous! Unfortunately I can’t do such a controlled color way because I have two kids and a husband and the colors all get jumbled. Still, I do love yellow, black and white together. It’s so crisp and chic yet unexpected.


  10. They all work! Different personalities with different ideas thrown together – yet the same colours. I love it! The colour jacket in the first outfit is so my taste!

  11. I absolutely love the second bedroom and as much as I love huge and open kitchens that galley kitchen is done to perfection (like my pun,lol?).

  12. Love the connections between the two. Yellow and black is so striking!

  13. Wow, I love the street style, and the interior designs are so me. I designed my last bedroom (before I moved) with the same color scheme. Gray walls with black and white upholstered pieces, except for fuchsia instead of yellow as the color accent. I think I like the yellow better, orange would be cool too! Love!

  14. so many nice interior design ideas!!
    the white-yellow-black combination is very nice and looks very contemporary I’d say!

  15. Dying over that last room!

  16. I went to LFW, but for work, although I attended a few shows it’s nice to see it covered after the fact too. The parties were fun. I love that enormous fork, so cool.-xxo

  17. Nice colours!

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