The Realities Of Packing

Yesterday’s post was all about the positives of packing— the picking out the perfect shoes,  adding accessories,  playing dress up.

Today is not.  Today I am giving you a glimpse of what packing looks like when it is midnight and you have to leave for the airport in 6 and-a-half hours.

Now to be fair— I never really “procrastinated” I wasn’t sitting around doing “nothing.”  I just had some last minute curve balls that meant things took a lot longer than anticipated.

I think it best I show you:

I discovered New York is expecting rain— I had to re-examine the shoes I had planned to pack.  This of course did not mean excluding shoes,  but adding additional pairs…

Limited space meant I had to put clutches near sealed toiletries…. Fingers crossed that they stay that way!

The key with this many mini-bags is not forgetting what they each contain…

I realized one of my skirts had a tear in it.  Lukus was kind enough to stitch it up (yes,  he can sew and I can’t.  We are a 21st Century couple).

I promise,  no garments were hurt in the packing of this suitcase.



  1. Have a great trip! Sorry to hear of your last minute packing woes; no fun at all!

  2. Hope you have a fabulous trip! It’s definitely a very rainy day in the region.

  3. I love the photo of Lukus sewing. Very inspiring! Good luck on your trip.

  4. What fabulous looking packing, you have such glamorous clothes. I leave it all to the last minute and nothing goes with anything else and I have no decent accessories. I’m working on it though. What a cool guy you have!

  5. The photo with your hubby sewing your skirt should be framed! Do I spot a green clutch underneath your toiletries? I’m craving one in crocodile leather myself. Once again, have a great time in NY! xo

  6. LOL! Sounds like my latest trip. I was working right up to the day we left. I don’t need to tell you quite a few things were forgotten.

    When I was in college our class took a trip to London. I packed with a seriousness only a fashionista can manage, but found I was out-packed. One of my fellow students boarded the plane with an empty duffel bag. She was going to shop for all her clothes in London itself. I’ve always envied that.


  7. I hate packing. If it were possible to go on a trip with absolutely nothing I would do it 😛

  8. What a stresser! I wouldn’t even know where to start when packing for such a trip. Looks like you were able to get everything under control.

  9. haha! How adorable, I love that he stitched your skirt for you.. Enjoy NYC Alexis, hope that you have a fabulous time. :-)

  10. OMG I love that your husband sews! My husband is pretty good spotting amazing brands…and I thought I had taught him well. I need to upgrade him to sewing now! Have fun in NY dear, so bummed I could not make it, hopefully next year.


  11. Happy Aunt says:

    I need Lukus to stitch a pile of clothes for me while you are gone!

  12. ah I hate it when the weather forecast includes rain!! Have a nice time in NYC!

  13. Ha!!! I love you and Lukus!

  14. BUAHAHAHAHAHAHA, that last statement was so funny. Girl I don’t know how you got all that stuff packed!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

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