Tibi’s Perfect Pants

Oh!  How I love Tibi.  It is such a wearable line.  And the collections stand on their own- apart from current trends.  Seriously,  I have had some dresses for awhile now and they still garner a lot of positive attention (eg- “Who made that?!” or “Where did you get your dress?!”)!  So you can only guess my excitement when I found out I would be attending the S/S 2012 show!

Needless to say I was not disappointed.  As always I found myself falling in love with practically every dress:

(Photos by Alessandr Viero/GoRunway.com via Style.com)

But,  I also discovered that the pants are equally amazing.  The colors and cuts are smart.  They moved well, with a relaxed, yet elegant feel to them.  Plus they were very flattering.  Seriously,  every girl who came down the runway looked like she had an amazing butt!  Remember,  these are models we are talking about,  so you know most of those butts are (stereotypically) boney!!!  I about fell out of my seat trying to steal a pair of pants off a model’s backside.  Okay.  Maybe that is an exaggeration.  However it did cross my mind…

(Photos by Alessandr Viero/GoRunway.com via Style.com)

Really this is only a taste of the variety offered.  And these photos fail to capture the real winning point of these trousers.  To get for what I am talking about, you have to see them from the backside:

(sorry for the excessive movement in the photo, but seriously, I had to share this backside!)

Now are we on the same page?  Good.

I have already informed Lukus that I will be needing a few of these come spring.


So, you know my priorities in a pair of trousers.  What do you look for in a perfect pair of pants??



  1. I think I need some new pants too! :-) <3

  2. I actually like ALL OF IT! :)

  3. I know exactly what you mean. So many pairs of trousers give you a flat bum. I have been looking for a pair of brightly coloured trousers, think I’ve found some at Alice and Olivia but should have come straight to Tibi first!

  4. Good pants are so hard to come by, and it’s so true–it’s all about the butt, end of story! I want the yellow pair!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I look for ones that de-emphasize my assets 😉

  6. I look for comfort and “flow”. I totally love every outfit here!

  7. Those cobalt pants are deeeeeeeelish!

  8. I really like this set. Comfy and still totally put together.

  9. Lol! I would have helped you tackle a couple to steal their pants, they’re beautiful!! I look for pants that fit my round behind while still going in nicely at the waist. I like them to either be fitted or flow. I’m only 5’4″ so the proportions have to be just right. I have muscular and curvy legs, I want a cut that makes the best, not the worst of them, (they’re my legs after all, I like them!) It’s a tall order, I fit well in Ralph Lauren often but I’ve been wearing so many dresses lately that I haven’t bought any non-casual pants in a long time.

    You should have asked “in 10 words or less, what are you looking for…” because you got the novel!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds

  10. Still, I’ll focus on the dresses! especially the green and black one! Love the detail!

  11. Ahhh you were at Tibi too?! I LOVE their line, and this was the last show I took in for the week (early end for me back to reality!). They blew me away, as usual. Can’t wait to add some of this line to my closet. STAT.

  12. Oh I definitely look for a good fit in the behind. For me I want it to be minimizing! When I find a pair that look good from the back I buy them, no questions asked. It’s rare that it happens!


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