Wine of The Week (46)

So…. Yesterday was the first day off I have taken from the North On Harper in nearly the year it has existed.  Did you miss me?  In all seriousness,  I just needed the break so that I could go into New York’s Fashion Week with more focus and drive and all those good things.

Plus I have great wine to toast the end of summer with!  It is the 2006 La Stoppa,  Ageno.  According to sommelier,  David,  “this  Italian wine is peach blossom yumminess.”  And if that isn’t enough this orangey colored ‘white’ is also “rich,  ripe and full-bodied.”

I admit— at about $40, it is much more than our typical $25 cap.  However, if you are looking for a special bottle to toast the end of summer with, this is a really great option!


  1. Anything that has “peach blossom yumminess” is something that I’ll have to try. Sounds like the perfect summer wine!

  2. Sounds divine and worth the try!

  3. I really need a a glass of wine right now! Are you going to NYFW?

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