Wine Of The Week (49)

Technically autumn began on the 21st. But,  because I have been going non-stop (seriously,  I need to sleep for about a week straight),  I missed the magical transition. David,  in his infinite wisdom (please don’t tell him I said that,  I couldn’t deal with the ego I just created…),  selected a wine perfectly suited to saying goodbye to summer. Or so he says (but again,  he is the sommelier,  so I defer to him on these things…).

Apparently the 2009 Wimmer Czerny Fumberg Gruner Veltliner fits this role perfectly. With flavors of both green apples and pineapples,  David really did pick the perfect wine for the seasonal shift. Those flavors along with “a nice dash of effervescence” (yes,  David actually said that. I laughed. Hard.) and a $16 price tag,  makes this a wine too kick back and enjoy.



  1. I think I’ll have a glass! Cheers!

  2. Oh I am so gonna start saying “a nice dash of effervescence” now!

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