Wine of Week (48)

I am one of those people who has a strong connections to their heritage.  This can get a little intense,  as my dad is FOB German and my mom’s family is Lebanese.  Meaning,  from a young age I was expected to have a temper and to eat both tabouli and Spätzle with equal voracity.  I do.  And I do so regularly.  But enough about my eating habits.  Instead let’s talking about my drinking ones…

Of course that means it is time for the Wine Of The Week. And this week David  (the sommelier behind this feature) shares a wine from Lebanon with you  (ahhhh… now my personal diatribe makes sense!) and as you can imagine I am extra excited to try this one.

It is the 2009 Musar “Jeune” Rouge.  David explains,  “This is Lebanon’s version of a Bordeaux.  Think of it as the kid that dresses up in his dad’s suits and everyone comments on how the son looks just like a younger version of his father.  It is characterized by both earthy and cherry notes.”  The cost?  Just about $17.


  1. Sounds great. *And* I am now officially hungry! 😉

  2. i’m into white wines a bit more, but i do like some reds. i’d have to try this one out!

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