Halloween Couture

Apparently Halloween is less than a week away.  I am just as surprised as you are.  I still think it is August, but that is a problem for another day.

Instead, this post is about a much more common problem: find the perfect Halloween costume.

I am going to lay down a couple of ground rules:

Don’t be a sexy anything.  Please.  If alluring is a byproduct of your costume that is completely appropriate.  But a sexy cop?  Just say no.

Make your own costume.  Don’t buy it.  Sure buy elements, but if you go out and buy the whole thing chances are it will look cheap and someone else may be wearing it.  The exception of course is costume rentals, because those pieces are typically unique and quite impressive.

Consider your environment.  Going to a costume party where you will be dancing the night away?  May want to consider that before attempting to wear a narrow mermaid tail.

Now for those of you still at a loss for what to wear, I suggest grabbing the closest issue of Vogue.  That’s right.  Turn to photography and fashion editorials.  Often the worlds created in these shoots are beautiful and mystical.  What better place to draw some inspiration for the perfect Halloween costume?

To get you started, here are three images that would undoubtedly result in magnificent costumes—if you were so inclined!

Do you have plans to dress up this year?  Share your Halloween costume in the comments!


1) Steven Meisel for US Vogue September 2007.
2) Sølve Sundsbø for Vogue Italia February 2011.
3) I do not have the source info– if you know it please share!


  1. bravo! I couldn’t agree more :-) I am against naughty, slutty, sexy anything… now if only I could figure out what to be this year, I too think it is still August :-)

  2. OK, Lexus – sign me up for the first one. Sure to scare the H E Double Hockey Sticks out of everyone at the party!

  3. Great tips! I love that first inspiring photo. I’m still debating what to wear for Halloween, but probably making something. -xo

  4. I could not agree more! Nothing worse than the sexy black cat – girl in super tight black something with a tail and kitty ears, or the worst–the sexy school girl, (there were hoards of them running around the OC my first foray out during halloween)….I’m hoping to hybernate and have a small dinner party…does this make me a halloween grinch???

    xo Mary Jo

  5. I’m not dressing up, but I love your suggestions…especially to not dress up as “sexy” anything! Enough with the sexy!

  6. love this post! i was caught by surprise with halloween being so close as well. i think i’m dressing up, assuming i can pull it together in time. i LOVE your first suggestion… i hate those stock costumes. every 5th person is wearing the same thing as you and it just looks cheap and unimaginative. my costume is “sexy” just in the sense that it’s short and that’s only because i can NOT find a longer petticoat, despite the fact that i think it would look way better if it was a bit longer. but i agree completely, i’m so tired of the entire point of the costume being the “sexiness” or in most cases “sluttiness” of it. i mean, really?! come ON. why do women feel the need to be so one-dimensional? anyway, diatribe over. great post!!

  7. Happy Aunt says:

    Great post…..and couldn’t agree with you more. Just because you own cowboy boots, doesnt mean you look good in tiny Daisy Dukes and a tube top! Love the first picture. Good idea! I will be wearing an apron (over my normal clothes) that says “Mummy Dearest”

  8. I don’t really dress up. I spend all my time getting my kids dressed. But I love the pictures.

  9. I love Halloween! these are fabulous inspiration images!


  10. I usually go as a housewife in my pajamas and robe that way I can go home and go to bad no fuss.

  11. wWhat about going as the bride to Frankenstein?

  12. Great photos!! Still not sure if we’re going to dress up or not. If so, I need to get my rear end to Hobby Lobby for some fabric. We’ll go as Roger and Jessica Rabbit, if that’s the case.

  13. I am not a Halloween person, but having kids I get to make their costumes every year….this year I am making a pirate and mobster. Yes, the teenager decided to be an Italian mobster.

  14. I purchased a fun green witch hat that I was going to wear with a black dress, but my daughter wants to wear my hat so I might just end up in jeans, again, sigh.

  15. I dress up and go out every year! I think I always will. So much fun. :) Did you get to do anything? (And I love your rules!)

  16. Awesome suggestions for outfits, the first picture is my favourite. However I don’t mind the sexy ….whatevers lol. I’m not dressing up this year I am however going on a ghost walk which should be exciting.

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