Iceland’s Fashionable Princess

This story is going to sound weird from the get go.  And I am okay with that.  When you consider the central figure it seems fitting.

So,  the other day I was in Whole Foods and I was talking to the butcher about Iceland (I told you this was going to get weird…) and he made a comment about how they’ve had a hard time recovering from their  economic crisis,  especially considering their biggest export is Björk.  I laughed.  The butcher laughed.  Lukus laughed.  We all laughed.  (To be clear,  we were not laughing at Iceland’s economic difficulties,  but at the thought of Björk being a major export)

Later that evening,  while perusing my normal internet haunts,  I stumbled onto an article on Björk’s just released new album,  Biophilia.

That’s when I realized it was a sign.  It was a sign that I needed to share some of the most memorable fashion moments from the always-eccentric Björk.

Wait—are you telling me you are only familiar with the notorious swan dress??

But there is so much more to Björk that makes her a fashion icon!  After all,  it wasn’t for just anyone that Alexander McQueen designed a jeweled facial mask.  So yes,  I meant it when I called her a fashion icon.

You with me?

Okay,  then sit back and enjoy the sweet stylings of Iceland’s pop princess…

What do you think of  Björk’s wild wardrobe?


Photo Credits:
1) Biophilia’s Cover Art: Inez and Vinoodh
2) Swan Dress: If you have the photographer’s name let me know!
3) Alexander McQueen look at Fashion Rocks 2003: ©Karwai Tang/ALPHA
4) Pleated Hat: Erez Sabag
5) Alexander McQueen Bell Dress: Image from the “Who Is It?” Music Video
6) Cream/White Victoria Style Dress: Warren du Preez & Nick Thorton Jones
7) Black & Pink dress, seated: If you have the photographer’s name let me know!


  1. Haha, after years of having complete strangers come up to me and tell me that I looked like Bjork {and cringing to the depth of my soul} I have made peace with it. She has nice skin, that much I will say :)

    xo Mary Jo

  2. I didn’t know. Oh how I love the Bjork. Wow. She’s amazing. My fave. The purple flowerhead. Gorg.

  3. I don’t like these ;(

  4. Adore her… I’m actually a long time Björk fan, so thanks for sharing these images.

  5. These are really way out there.

  6. Got to say, I never get where she’s coming from, but I admire her guts to try just about anything. I do love the purple headdress thing: looks like it’s straight out of four-year-old girl’s fantasy.

  7. I do love her music and let just say….that girl has a very high self-esteem and no matter how wild she goes she always draws attention….good or bad.

  8. she is strange sometimes but I just love her. I think shes gorgeous!

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